Larry King Wants TO Be Froze

He said it on that MTV show Ridiculousness he wants Cryogenically frozen until they can cure what ever killed him so he could live just one last time. LOL. And if I remember he is atheist too.

Just trying to start a stoned thinking conversation.

Q: What is greedier than believing a fantasy about living forever in heaven?

A: Actually trying to do it on the Earth.

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I just think it’s funny.

I believe is exactly how some explain it as it’s like before you are born. Like a computer that will never be turned on again.

I don’t want frozen just to live again later, what for?

Yeah heaven isn’t probably real. I can not imagine what to do for an eternity. Even just the first few million years things would get boring. Trust me we are on the same page.

Old news. He has been saying it for years.

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Oh well just only saw it a few weeks ago, didn’t know about it until then. Still it seems almost silly.

Actually, just the head is frozen. On the instant of death, the head is removed from the body and flash-frozen. It is last-gasp desperate measure by those with enough money to want a second chance.

The head is placed in long-term frozen storage, in the desperate hope that one day we will 1) develop the technology to bring the head back to life, 2) develop a method to “plant” the memories or brain or whatever in some kind of body and 3) cure the original disease.

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I was under the impression that was the cheap option. That whole bodies can be and are frozen.

Have never found the notion attractive. It would take decades, possibly a century or more. I would find it hard to trust a private company to look after my frozen body indefinitely.

Plus, I might wake up fifty or a hundred years later. Everyone I had ever known would almost certainly be dead. I would be utterly alone.

The 70 odd years since my birth have been amazing in terms of social and technological changes. I have no reason to think the rate of change would slow .It might accelerate for all I know. Discovering such change all at once could be shattering.

Of course, I’m assuming the issue of climate change would be solved. Right now I’m not confident. The cyrogenic chamber in which I was stored could well be under water and thawed for all I know.

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True Boomer47.

But these are people with enough money to pay for this act of desperation. Some donate to the church, some grasp at this opportunity.

As far as the pace of society and technology, it is massive and seems to be growing each year. I think of my grandmother, who was raised on a farm, and only in her latter years did she enjoy indoor plumbing. Or my other grandmother, born in 1899 and a staunch conservative. She was so tight that at one wedding all of my uncles and aunts stayed quiet and sober until she left. Then the booze broke out. Today I can order a case of beer on my phone and have it delivered within two hours.

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I wonder who is supposed to pay for this magical future fix? How do you even prepare for that before you go into the freezer?

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I referenced one cyronics company,

Their “mission statement” is

Maintain the current patients in biostasis.

Place current and future members into biostasis (when and if needed).

Eventually restore to health and reintegrate into society all patients in Alcor’s care.

Fund research into developing more cost effective and reliable means for 1-3 above.

Provide public education as a means of fostering growth to support the goals of 1, 2, 3, 4 above.

Personally I believe this is a dead end. But as long as you have very desperate rich people, you will see such acts of desperation.



I truly do not understand why people are so terrified of the notion of being dead. (yeah,I know,argument from ignorance)

It is my understanding that all mammals instinctively fear dying. Fair enough, I can see that has massive evolutionary value.

But what evolutionary value is there in being of being afraid of being dead? So far as I can tell,it isn’t an experience but than the antithesis of experience; nothingness. And at the moment, it is inevitable for all living organisms.

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I don’t think it is my cup of tea to get frozen just to live again. Sure it would be kind of neat to see the world 100 or 200 years later. Seeing the advances made and possibly people living on not only the moon but on Mars as well.

Very high. LOL.

If it’s like what Morgan Freeman says death is, there’s nothing there. There’s nothing hurtful about losing consciousness forever. Death is nothing like before one is born. You feel see hear know nothing as before you were here you knew nothing then either.

So if death is nothing then there’s really nothing to fear either.

He’s hardly alone in this, and from the first this has sounded to me like a scam firms pull on ego maniacs who can’t accept their lives are finite.

However lets assume they perfect a process, and bring these selfish egomaniacs back, does anyone really want people like that around indefinitely?

Hahahaha - we imagine the contributions that could have been made, and leave off the destructive ones.

Yet, if we leave a successful life, we leave an anonymous contribution for others to learn from. Or not. We have no fucking clue how “we“ individually contribute while alive, let alone after we die.

If I was offered an opportunity to be made “alive, consciously aware” set for sometime in the future, I may grab the chance and decide after I get there whether I want to continue or not. But it would be for my own selfish reasons. I wouldn’t pay money now for some dim hope of “afterlife insurance”.

I’d have to have the caveats that:

  1. My existence would be a carbon free one that didn’t consume finite resources for future generations.

  2. That I would have complete autonomy to instantly end my existence should I choose.

it still sounds like a very bad idea to me tbh. We always want to believe more life means more of the best of what we have experienced, but that to me is a very naive notion.

A far more entertaining fantasy for me is to imagine a life I’d like to live over and over, and I have to say being a rich famous raucous drinking film star or sportsman in the 60’s and 70’s doesn’t sound too bad. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :wink:

A retired one of course, so I can maximise my debauchery.

I think it’s a job I’d have excelled at…

  1. That is non-existence. Why are you still around now, based on this?

  2. Agreed. Told my boys, if given any opportunity (this was after watching a Black Mirror episode - the one where the elderly can “live and interact” in a virtual reality) to be digitally “alive” (again, Black Mirror where a copy of your consciousness was downloaded to “serve your needs”) YOU NEED to be able to self-terminate. We live with this choice everyday… want to continue it as “apart” of the experience.

Hah sounds fun. I am not stoned writing this, but I like conversations about death, trying to beat death, etc.

Let’s say it works. They flash freeze the brain in a way that major cellular damage does not occur, and not utterly destroying the cellular structures that makes up the brain. Then later tech finds a way to keep the “head” alive and thaw out the brain in a way that allows the cellular structures to remain intact.

Imagine if you are Larry King. You are old, you are dying of disease. The doctors tell you, if you are going to freeze yourself, sooner rather than later is better. You say your goodbyes to everyone, forever, give up the rest of your normal life, (even if it is dying of disease, but usually you have at least a few weeks to years to live.) Then get frozen knowing most likely this is your death, your last conscious moment.

The doctors put you under. Against the odds, you wake up again, you know time has passed but no idea how much. You try to take a breath. You can’t. The habit you had all of your long life of breathing with your own lungs, does nothing. You cant breath. You try to open your eyes. Something you do 1000’s of times a day and never even think about. Suddenly you realize you don’t even know how to open your eyes. You remember when you went to sleep you chose to do this, you have no body, no lungs to breath.

Suddenly there is a click. Boom. Suddenly you are in the hospital room you went to sleep in. Your brain is still foggy, but suddenly you have a body again, eyes that work like they expected to, you have lungs, you have everything. Well not everything. Those aches that you were living with the last 10 years of your life of are gone. Your eyesight is better than you ever remember it. It is like you have the body you had when you were 18. Nothing hurts, everything is effortless.

The most trusted individuals that were still alive when you “went to sleep” in your life greet you. They tell you everything is okay. To calm down, you are alive. They stick to the basics and very effectively calm you down.

Once you are calm, the most trusted individual very patiently waits in a very soothing manner to slowly break the news to you. They are not real. Everything you, (larry king,) are seeing is a virtual construct, pulled from your memories to help you with the transition. You have no body. Your head is intact, being kept alive and healthier then it ever has been in life. But you are connected to a computer. That perfectly stimulates the old reality you knew.

After a highly effective transition period. You learn over 200 years have passed. Everyone you know, is dead. Your grandkid that you knew (seemingly yesterday to you at the age of 15) greets you. He lets you know that he is not a purely virtual construct, even if he is “visiting you virtually” that he has never “died” but has left his mortal body behind long ago for practical reasons.

Everything you know is also gone. You are no longer Larry King, a late night talk show that is almost a household name in most western societies. Your life long skills are useless, anyone can do what you have done but only far better. People do not even “watch tv” anymore. All your values have been left behind long ago. The jokes that made you famous mean nothing to these people. All you know is worthless except maybe as unique perspective historical record. There is a very patient and gentle AI that guides you through all this, to create a new life for yourself, and understand the new reality. You will never know pain, hunger, discomfort again, unless you choose to have those things.

What was important to you will not be in any way important to anyone else. To other people that have been living this life, potentially for 100+ years, you would actually seem like a baby, an odd specimen, a relic from the past. A bit like how many of us today in 2020 view small pockets of people in remote islands that has not progressed with the rest of society. Living lives of squalor, short lives, and half starvation filled with fear.

That would be Larry King, an odd spectacle for people of the time looking at him like a bug to be idly curious about. Only notable for being one of the “oldest” human beings that got their brain/memories “revived.”

Realizes he has immortality and to him a practical godhood. But realizing his old life before he went to sleep for 200 years is completely gone. He might well realized that he would of been better off spending a few more weeks in 2020, rather then have immortality/god like powers (to us in 2020) in 2220.


Poor Larry. We wakes up to a new world, checks how much his royalties are bringing in, only to learn his last wife took every penny.

I don’t really care,as long as they stay in America. Anyway, it’s big assumption to think that even with the technology, anyone would want kick start such a mob of dicks

I wonder if any research has benne done on preserving the brain by connecting it to an android shell like Robocop, or perhaps the body of a deceased person?.

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