Kids and Cancer

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Cancer hasn’t just been affecting humans for millennia, but other organisms too. Indeed, I’m aware of scientific papers documenting bone cancers found in various Mesozoic era fossils.

Two relevant papers are:

Metastatic Cancer In The Jurassic by Bruce M Rothschild, Brian J Witzke & Israel Hershkovitz, The Lancet, 354: 398 (31st July 1999)

Triassic Cancer - Osteosarcoma In A 240 Million Year Old Stem Turtle by Yara Haridy, Florian Witzmann, Patrick Asbach, Rainer R. Schoch, Nadia Fröbisch & Bruce M. Rothschild, Journal of the American Medical Association Oncology, 5(3): 425-426 (1st March 2019)

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