Justice Thomas is a C.H.U.D.!


"Thomas, citing the plaintiffs, wrote that the health care workers “object” to the state’s vaccine mandate “on religious grounds to all available COVID–19 vaccines because they were developed using cell lines derived from aborted children.”

OH FUCK ME! And these are the assholes running our nation? The human race will NOT survive!

It reminds me of the shows where some TV host goes into the street and asks simple questions. "How many contenents are there. Can you name the closest star? What do we celebrate on the 4th of July?’

I would think someone responsible for influencing a country would be just a little more savvy.

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I’m not surprised. We’re voting in all of these people that make dumb ass decisions. It’s like people want to die from a pandemic. Fine, go ahead. Be my guest.


It is with a heavy heart and without any of the fanfare usually associated with my profound proclamations, that I must declare, in no uncertain terms and with a complete avoidance of ambiguity, that which could not be misinterpreted or misunderstood to be any resemblance to obfuscation of the known or unknown facts, Yes, yes and yes…

Well, grasshopper…you would be WRONG then.

If anyone ever deserved an apology it’s Anita Hill. She tried to warn us that he wasn’t fit. He likes turning back the clock on rights for other people so much it’s like he doesn’t have a clue how different his own life would be if it happened across the board.


The title reminds me of this:

On a more OP note, I have a conspiracy theory of my own: the man has dementia, and his conservative wife is pulling the strings by feeding nonsense into his ears.


No doubt he was one of the people who sided with fossil fuel companies in the latest SCOTUS decision making atrocity. One that effectively constitutes a suicide note from the USA to the rest of the world, and which will position the USA geopolitically as an existential threat to life on Earth.


I remember that. That was the day that if you turned on C-SPAN you could hear some of the most powerful people in the world saying the phrase “Long Dong Silver”.

For sure, that is no accident!

The SCOTUS decision to castrate the Environmental Protection Agency tells us two things. First, that the Row vs Wade decision had nothing to do at all with any lofty notions of the “sanctity of human life”, but was instead a cynical piece of pandering to unhinged theocrats and Christofascist moon pies, in order to distract them from subjecting a now corrupt and illegitimate institution to scrutiny, with respect to its blatant siding with corporate profit interests.

Indeed, the castration of the EPA is as blatant a signal as one could wish for, to the effect that SCOTUS now regards corporate profits as counting for more than human life or the habitability of the planet. Blatant to the point of warranting an investigation into whether or not the “conservative” judges were taking kickbacks from fossil fuel companies in order to push through this measure.

The pretence of a gimlet-eyed narrow legal focus is precisely that in the light of this decision - a pretence. It’s transparently obvious where the vector of intent is now pointing, namely, to the handing of wank-totem baubles violating the Establishment Clause to the bedsheet wearers, as a smokescreen behind which to destroy human rights, while putting in place measures to make government the bought and sold whore of corporate interests.

Of course, the wank fantasists among the fundageliKKKals will still think they’re going to fire up their Dark Age inquisitional theocracy, and start burning the “libtards” and “queers” at the stake. But they’re going to be rudely awakened when instead, what they end up with is something more akin to Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, with a heavy leavening of Logan’s Run and The Hunger Games thrown in.

Indeed, there’ll be a departure from The Handmaid’s Tale in this respect - televangelists and other “religious figures” will be subject to the same corporate capture, and allowed to enjoy spending their tithes on McMansions and luxury SUVs only as long as they provide the illusion of a theocracy, while having their puppet strings pulled by accountants and lawyers serving the interests of the big business money god.

It’ll look like Gilead, but the governing religion will be the First Church of Christ, Pinstripe.

That is, of course, if the planet remains habitable long enough for this to be pulled off. This itself could be in doubt. June 29th, 2022, saw a weather station at Mehamn, Norway, record a daytime temperature of 30.8°C (that’s 87.4°F). Bear in mind this weather station is inside the Arctic Circle, at latitude 71°N.

If those temperature figures keep climbing in this manner, the planet will cease to be inhabitable by humans before the fossil fuel CEOs have time to place orders for new Bond villain penis-extension yachts, let alone take delivery thereof.

Trouble is, when these people find out too late that no amount of money will buy them escape from the shit they’ve caused, they’ll take the rest of the human race with them.


I have no words. Sacrificed on the altar of “States’ determination” . Just what the fucking fuck America?



The current political reality in the US is dominated by conservative interests even though there’s a Democrat president and Democrat-controlled House. The Democrats have seemed powerless to do much about it, either.

Compounding this problem at the federal level is the fact that at least half of the state legislatures are controlled by Republicans, and they’ve been emboldened by recent SCOTUS decisions to push through more and more legislation pandering to fundamentalist christians and business interests and are even considering rolling back hard-won civil rights. Hell, one congressman wants the courts to reconsider the Brown v. Board of Education decision that ended school segregation back in the 1950s.

Thomas made it clear in his concurring opinion in the recent Dobbs decision that he thinks the court should reconsider their prior decisions on the availability of contraceptives, same-sex marriage, and other similar precedents (but not interracial marriage–gee, I wonder why?)

The visible powerbase of the Republican party now seems to consist of two groups: fundamentalists and white blue-collar males. The real, behind the scenes, powerbase is, and always has been, the monied business interests who use the fundamentalists and working class as a smokescreen to hide their real agenda.

Since supreme court justices are highly educated and presumably intelligent people, I have to wonder why so many of them support some of these egregious decisions, and can only conclude there’s likely to be money changing hands in the backrooms of the court.


The ones installed by Trump obviously had to promise to follow the Republican dictates, and I do agree all have some kickback.

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Although it doesn’t preclude them from taking bribes I believe a great deal of the motivations of Clarence Thomas and Amy Coney Barrett is that they are religious zealots. They actually believe that shit and want to force their beliefs onto others because they are super duper sure that’s what god wants.

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Although I have no doubt that’s true in the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade, I was thinking more of yesterday’s decision on the EPA.


I’m also reminded here of Susan B. Anthony’s words:

“I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do to their fellows, because it always coincides with their own desires.”

Indeed, I found some comments elsewhere about the overturning of Roe vs Wade, and these comments are chillingly apposite:

Quite simply, the creepy mindset of the typical fundageliKKKal (who is almost always in addition a hard-right “conservative”) can be summed up as “My magic man chose me as one of the ‘anointed’, to smite our enemies”. For these people, who tend in addition to have a disturbing taste for the more sadistic parts of fascism, and a not so secret yearning to be in charge of a torture dungeon, their attachment isn’t to the Jesus that issued scathing critique of the excesses of the rich[1], but to the Bronze Age warlord in the sky of Lebensraum and sex trafficking.

If you want to see where this can lead, then one book you can track down is Perfect Victim, covering the case of Cameron Hooker, who kidnapped a woman and made her his sex slave for the best part of a decade, before law enforcement finally caught up with him. This individual was particularly fond of breaking out his Bible and heading straight to the verses about slavery, in order to “justify” his creepiness.

You can also factor in to the equation, the number of “pastors” that have been featured in the news, after being arrested and charged with some interesting offences. I have a list of these individuals (growing pretty much on a daily basis as well), which includes a disturbing number thereof who, after playing “Hide the Sausage” with 12 year old girls, accumulated predictable charge sheets before appearing in the dock. Three recent additions to that list were subject to the attention of law enforcement after fun activities involving farm animals, but they were very definitely outliers among the usual crowd of Josh Duggars.

[1]Yes, we’re dealing with mythological assertions here once more, whose provenance is always to be questioned, but at least the assertions in question here are ones that are more consonant with developed ethical thought.


Oh, and guess what? Separation of church and state itself is now in the crosshairs


I agree with you 100%