Jesus Seminar Findings

If you haven’t read these; they’re entertaining. I just ran across the article. Obviously it’s not getting the attention it deserves. LOL

Seminar Rules Out 80% of Words Attributed to Jesus : Religion: Provocative meeting of biblical scholars ends six years of voting on authenticity in the Gospels..

From the article:

‘"Many mainstream Christians can no longer believe the picture of Jesus they got as children,” Borg said.’

A severe underestimation of the credulity of a great number of Christians, IMHO. Belief in anything other than the “classic” picture of Jesus puts one’s place next to God in Paradise at risk.

That’s akin to a True Christian not wanting a consolidation of Jewish power in the holy land to hasten the Second Coming and the final destruction of all Jews. Ridiculous!


I credit atheists for challenging the bible, and revealing so much of it as bullshit that theologians can no longer hide behind this wall of nonsense.

But the crazies will push back, and hard, claiming it is the work of the devil, evil people, and anyone else they can include in their list. This will further polarize different religions. The Jews and Muslims can state “we were right” to christians.


Yes, when you are believing and promoting ideas and beliefs not grounded in reality, then anything challenging you, whether reasonable or not, immediately triggers the defensive reaction and more fantasy is created to defend the original one(s). When you are literally pulling your beliefs out of thin air it is not difficult at all to locate more things to pull.
And I agree that this may polarize more religions. However, I also think that this is a necessary and vital step to demonstrating that any value of the “message” that may exist, originated and resides in the minds of humans rather than the confines of a non-existent deity.

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I just remembered something…

My Mom and my Granny both had the bibles where all the “Words of Jesus” were in red text. And I remember the story where Jesus was alone and talking to God (himself) a night or two before he was crucified. And the text was mostly red in that particular story. And I ALWAYS wondered to myself, “Who the heck (I was a kid, remember?) was there to know what Jesus said in order to write it in the bible?” You may find this hard to believe, but I never did get an answer to that question.

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I do not in the least find it hard to believe, as you are a faithless heathen. What I do find it hard to believe is that you cannot just believe without your precious “evidence” you are all on about.

Praise the Lord Brother skriten. And the holy Boeing 747 that broght the Thetans to this planet to be destroyed in Volcanoes, and to Lord Zenu, acting on behalf of the Great Overloard of the Galexy. Some day our knowledge will be known and the faithless a thing of the past. We are here to rid the world of the evil Thetans and save humanity from itself. How in the fuck can people not see the truth?

You think I’m faithless, huh? Well, HA! Joke’s on you, Mr. Know-it-all. For your information, the Lord has a Perfect Plan for all of humanity. As such, I am part of that Perfect Plan. And since the Lord is PERFECT and never makes mistakes, that means he made me EXACTLY the way he needed me to be to accomplish his Perfect Plan. Therefore, if I start believing in him and having blind faith in him, that could possibly cause his Perfect Plan to fail. And I refuse to be “That Guy” who throws a wrench into the gears and fucks up the Lord’s Perfect Plan. Granted, I have NO CLUE what that plan could possibly be, but I figure an All-Knowing and All-Powerful god should know what it is doing. Who am I to question such supreme intelligence? So I DO have faith that the Perfect Plan is indeed perfect. And by remaining a faithless heathen and not believing in the Lord, I am simply doing my part to help his Perfect Plan succeed. So THERE! :triumph:

Oh, well so am I as I stand by the machinery with a handful of ball bearings, poised to drop them into the gears. You see, since you have

Then you MUST accept that my ball bearing episode which is about to begin, is indeed a part of the plan and should be celebrated and regaled as such. I am the perfect representation of the perfect plan.

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The blindness is such as to render one deaf to the sounds of reason and rationality. “If thine eye offends thee then pluck it out”. Then and only then will the vision of the truth become apparent.

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With only a slight begrudging, I am reluctantly happy to admit your logic in the matter is only slightly flawless. It would seem we are both fully aware that we are being utilized as unwitting pawns to bring to fruition the unforeseen outcome of a Supremely Sublime Scheme concocted by an ever-present entity that has defied any and all attempts at detection over the course of countless centuries. Therefore, it stands to reason you and I are in direct mutually conflicting agreement as we endeavor to fulfill our unknown pre-designated roles that place us in positions of competitive allies in achieving the goals that have yet to be revealed. You stand ready with ball bearings in hand, eager to deploy them should your duty to do so be mysteriously made apparent to you. I, on the other hand, have been burdened with a wrench that I keep safely secured so that it shall not be mistakenly hefted into the machinery of such a marvelously majestic miracle for Mankind, thereby derailing untold millennia of meticulous planning and preparations. Welcome to the Team. Good to be working with you.

Well, since there is no “I” in teamwork" I can only tell you that those of us inside my head have come to an understanding of the parallels between the differences we have and the cooperatively similar disparities within the approaches to recognizing the will of the heretofore unseen master who needlessly, yet necessarily, shall forever remain anonymous until which time the plan shall indeed be revealed unto those who have patiently recognized the benefit and purpose of abiding the ongoing surreptitious messages transmitted undetectably for the perusal of the many. My confidence in the wisdom and veracity of the plan have been greatly bolstered by the knowledge of a willing mechanical contrivance aptly armed with appropriate hardware procured for the designated function of facilitating the whims of the great administrator of non-workable brilliance. It is with great reluctance that I enthusiastically reject the opportunity to disagree with your characterization(s) of the obvious non-detectable omnipresence so prominently invisible and thereby abandon any and all, but not some, suggestions of mutual un-cooperation. Your sycophancy is is not unrecognized and I reject the calls to disagree with your not unwelcoming message(s).

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