Jesus father almost known

The three “wise” men who came after Jesus birth with gifts were Mary former boyfrends. One of them, there wasn’t DNA test at that time, was baby Jesus biological father. Who else will come with gifts? Does this make sence?

Well, it has the advantage of making sense, with nothing supernatural needed, but like the biblical version it lacks any evidence that it ever happened at all.


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Personally, my money is on The Little Drummer Boy as being the father. After all, at what point did Little Virgin Mary have the opportunity to travel to the distant homelands of those Wise Men to have extended relationships with them? Not saying it was impossible, just saying it’s a stretch. The Drummer Boy, on the other hand, was always around her neighborhood and readily available for a quickie or two. The only other options would be the Shepherds. However, unless Mary was dressed up as a sheep, I really don’t see them having much interest in banging her.

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Since christians consider god their father then the bible is saying her father got her preggers. Of course it could have been her human father, since that seems okey dokey in the bible. I wonder if the rabbis of that day were called father like priest are now. That would make it even more likely that one way or another her father was responsible for her condition.

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Mary getting pregnant had to have been a dull event if she needed Gabriel the angel to tell her she was up the duff. No foreplay, no climax, no knowledge at all. Hardly a nice way to treat a woman immaculately conceived for the very purpose and the event that defines Christmas which ironically is a time when you arent suppose to know what present you are likely to get. God works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform. Then again…she did get to keep an intact hymen.