I've been an Atheist ⚛️ for 9 years and I connected with my local community

Greetings everyone I’m Daniel and I am an Atheist :atom_symbol: for 9 years and I recently connected with my local community. It’s like Church but without God, Religious Dogma, and a Bible.
I’m very glad that I’m an Atheist :atom_symbol: and I am at Peace with me being an Atheist :atom_symbol: I’m just wondering How long have you been an Atheist :atom_symbol:. Everyone have a good day and a great night.

Howdy, HD. Nice of you to join us. We are always happy to have another nut in the fruitcake around here. Come on in and make yourself at home. Break room is down the hall to the left. Bathroom on the right. Quick word of advice: NEVER accept a Baby Ruth “candy bar” from Cog. Just politely decline, then quickly duck behind something solid before he flings it at you. So, with that out of the way…

Good to hear you have a group of folks not church related to hang out with in your community. Quite difficult to find that much of anywhere nowadays. I live in the middle of The Bible Belt and was raised in a Baptist/Methodist family. Only took me over forty years, but I finally broke away from my religious indoctrination a little over six years ago. (Wow! It feels like it’s been MUCH longer than that. :hushed:) Anyway, I’m sure others will be along shortly to welcome you. Meanwhile, there are complimentary cans of expired Cheez-Whiz in the fridge, and stale crackers in the cabinet above the microwave. Help yourself.


Welcome, @hdaniel992.

I started out as an atheist and just stayed that way. This indoctrination breaking stuff that @Tin-Man went through sounds like it would have been too much work, anyway.

Oh, and if you see a monkey being assaulted with a rolling pin around here, think nothing of it.


I’m another one who has never had any gods so I’ve been atheist for mumble years.


Even though I was born and raised in a catholic family and went to one of their schools for 9 years, I’ve always been an atheist. Never believed a single word of it.
I’ll be 65 in a few days.

Let’s see, Knights in White Satin came out in 67. I was a full-blown bible thumper at that time. 1969, I was cured by 1969. But I went on a little Buddhist trip for a few years, and then got into some mysticism, Cabala, The Fourth Way, Casteneda, and a lot more. So I give it another 8 years. Let’s say I was an atheist by 1977. That’s close enough for hand grenades. Now how many years is that? 2024-1977 = 47. So around 47 years.


Saw them for the tour supporting that album. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

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Welcome Daniel I just joined this group and am still getting used to it. Haven’t seen any monkeys and haven’t been offered a babe ruth who ever that is
but did love Knights in White Satin. I was born into the mormon cult but never found it relevant and in fact a waste of a good Sunday. My mom thought it important that us kids all go to church and where we lived in Utah at the time it was about 95% mormon, I did attend. My friends and I sat as far back as possible and played hangman. Hymn was a favorite because of its lack of vowels. Once a month they had a sacrament meeting. That was the meeting where people gave their testimonies. That was the most entertaining meeting because we used to make book on which woman would be up first and how long she would talk before the “tears of joy” ran down her cheeks. After a time even that became too predictable to be fun. If anyone had asked from the time I was 8 or 9 if I believed in god I probably would have answered, umm I don’t know. Its never been a relevant question. Our family moved to Canada in the early sixties and the town we lived in had maybe a dozen mormons almost all women so it was easy to stop going which meant I gained a day. I’m another old fart turning 77 in a few days.


Lol… I remember making up testimonials from ordinary events that happened in my life. We called it witnessing and there were 10 minutes to witness every Sunday. If anything unusual happened on Monday, I had to remember it all week, so I could share on the following Sunday. It was great going to Church to share some strange event that God had a hand in. Praise the Lord because he moves in mysterious ways. He lets kids die but he kept me from choking on a toothpick in my hamburger. Praise the Lord for the miracles he bestows on us. Lets all sing. “Onward Christian Soldiers.”


Welcome Daniel and our newer members! I was raised as a JW (Jehovah’s Witness). Baptized at 14 - and really took to it at 20. Full on true-believer. Dedicated my life to “the truth” :roll_eyes:

At 30 I nearly died (long story) and THAT changed my perception. I wasn’t loved for who I was but what I appeared to be. Everything was “conditional” and I had an epiphany. I really just wanted to be myself. To be me. So I divorced my “elder” husband (long story too) and moved and made my way in this world… which, btw, wasn’t as evil and satanic as I was taught.

Considered myself an agnostic until I joined this forum at about the time of Covid.

It asked the question “Do you believe in god?” Not “know” (agnostic). I pondered this for about 2 days before I chose “Athiest” (no reason to believe) and haven’t given it much thought since.

I’m a loner - reclusive that prefers the company of about 5 people. The rest are associates and some here (this site) are friends. I can understand the benefits of “community” however even if my area had one, I’d refrain.


Welcome @hdaniel992 ,

I’ve been an athiest all of my life, having enjoyed an upbringing in which religion was never promoted, nor discussed.

Also my schooling was equally not over religious, albeit with the exception of some songs we’d sing during assemblies, which i never realised what they were about.

That said, i only call myself an athiest when on here, other sites or when debating… but I happily live my life knowing its total bollocks.


Greetings :slight_smile:

Thirty five years, possibly longer since there was a period when I probably was an atheist but didn’t realise it. I was brought up Catholic and started doubting when I got into science fiction and science and used to have frequent nightmares about dying by fire especially in spaceships. It’s a long time ago so I concede some potential fuzziness but the day I realised I was an atheist those nightmares pretty much stopped. So yeah, I’m much happier being an atheist.

Never been able to connect with a community over it although it does seem to heavily influence my relationships inasmuch as I would find it very difficult to be close friends with anyone who wasn’t.

UK Atheist