It's 2021, and I have a Quastion for Prophets

What stupid thing do you imagine a Christian will do this year? There has to be at least one outstanding feat that will immortalize Christendom for the upcoming year. What will it be. Will it top the the 1019 winner Johnny Chaui? Could it beat out last year’s wiener, Cardenal Pell? What do you imagine will happen this year?

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I don’t dare choose a top christian idiocy just yet. Those “prophets” who insisted Trump would win, and have doubled down by moving the goal post, are out front in my book so far, but the years early.

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There must be theists aplenty lining up to make all manner of ludicrous claims about the Covid vaccines being satanic.

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Why limit it to Christians? Donald managed to do some stunningly stupid things while in office, and Donald only believes in what’s good for Donald. Do you think he’s simply going to go away?

but…but…Trump is a christian. At least he says he is, and his evangelical base think he is.


I apologise for resorting Godwin’s Law, but Trump is at much a Christian as Hitler was a Catholic. IE when it suits him

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(Monkey throat clearing sounds… ) Eeeee Ooooo Aaaaa Are we engaging in the “No True Christian” fallacy???

I don’t think so. My perception is that it’s not that Donald isn’t real christian but that he is a person with no beliefs other than what is good for Donald.

BUT I can’t prove what he believes deep down in what passes for his mind. So I have to concede that you may be right.

Oh - he has followers of all sorts - New Agers, too!!!

Hadn’t peeked in in this guy, but did today. A brief twitter look.

Hahahahaha … just hang in another 26-30 days!!!
OMG :scream:. trust the plan


My guess for tRump’s “beliefs”? I think he’s big into conspiraturd …and areas in “evangelical Christianity” that include him “in their” prophecies and “god-blessed tool”.

Well, Donald is the antichrist


I can’t fucking wait. Finally someone is going to step up to the plate and take a swing.

A better question is when will they stop doing stupid things…

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My god, It’s him. I was so terrified after watching this that I was ready to convert back to Christianity, but it is too late, I checked my undies this morning and it looks like I have already received the mark of the beast.

Well, we are a little more than half way through the year and Trump the Anti-Christ seems to be the best we have got so far. It’s certainly memorable but I am sure we can do better.

Well, we have gotten past August 13th, which was supposedly the day Trump would be “reinstated” as president.

I prophesise Jesus will return before Trump ever does.


From your beak to god’s ear :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: . Both would signal the apocalypse to me. Unlike Jesus return, I’m afraid Trump actually has a chance. You’ve underestimated the stupidity of American voters, and the willingness of the GOP to do anything to win, if you don’t think it can happen. An outright violent insurrection hasn’t swayed many of his supporters. It seems to have done the opposite. He’s convinced them, on his say so alone, that the election was stolen. Nothing he does changes their minds. Nothing. I can only hope that age catches up to him and he can’t run. His equally bad son is waiting in the wings though.

Not just American voters.

Winston Churchill once said " the strongest argument against democracy is to spend ten minutes talking with the average voter"

Democracy as it is often understood does not exist and never has, imo. Athenian democracy was rule by referendum. IE Every voter got to vote on every important issue. Splendid! Of course 2/3 of the adult population could note vote. IE women and slaves.

Our governments are not democratic. In my country, politicians who are elected have usually been preselected by their party. There is seldom any other realistic choice. Minor parties and independents never get enough votes to form government. In Oz ,minor parties and independents sometimes hold the balance of power.

Here, members must vote on part lines, except on the rare occasions when a conscience vote is allowed. ‘Crossing the floor’ to vote against one’s party can mean being thrown out of the party and lose preselection at the next election.

The Prime Minister is not like the US president. He/she is an elected representative in his/her own right and head of their party. If the Prime Minister upsets his/her parliamentary party, there will be a leadership challenge. The PM will no longer be leader of his/her party and cease to be Prime Minister. The new PM is the new head of the elected party. Here a Donald Trump would not be tolerated.

Perspective: In the last 12 years (I think) a sitting Prime Minister has been replaced six times, 3 from each party.

IMO, Once the Queen dies there will probably be another referendum about Australia becoming a republic. That will probably mean a president will be our Head of State. That concerns me. I really don’t want a president with power similar to that of an American president. I would prefer such a person’s role be virtually ceremonial, as is the queen now. I would prefer the president be chosen by a 2/3 majority of both houses. This what is what I want because imo it would be virtually impossible for we the people to make an informed choice. Just like now with our elected members.

Even though I’m an American, I favor the Westminster system over the American system of government. As you say, such a system is less tolerant of people like Trump.

I can envision a system where we have an elected president with a mainly ceremonial role, like the queen in the UK, and a PM as the head of the party winning the majority of the seats in the House (or a coalition of parties if one doesn’t get a majority). The Lords in the UK has no equivalent in the U.S., but I like the fact the members are there for life and perhaps (but perhaps I’m too naïve here…) they’re less beholden to special interests because they don’t need to constantly run for re-election and can better represent the overall interests of the people. I wouldn’t be in favor of something like hereditary members of either house, however.

These’re just musings on my part as this is never going to happen in the U.S.