It’s Juneteenth today!

Celebrating despite so many school districts (in the U.S.) refusing to teach children our country’s actual history.

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Thanks to the ever growing amount of religious idiots wanting to spread religion and misinformation. Allow religion in public schools. Encourage to place kids in Christian Private Schools where they teach them bullshit fairy tales, where they learn nothing relevant at all.

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I don’t think that the refusal to teach real history is necessarily due to religion. I think it has more to do with bigotry and that’s not exclusive to theists.

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From where I’m sitting in Missouri, that’s what their promoting in the middle school that my daughter attended. The history teacher sent her home with the 10 Commandments and lessons on Christianity and Judaism for almost 2 months. When I called to complain to the principle, he defended him. He stated that religion was important to American culture and claimed that he wasn’t indoctrinating anyone. As it turns out, the principle used to work as a pastor. When it came to my daughter’s reward ceremony, guess where it was at during after school hours? At a church of all places. I was really unhappy.

Do we know what actual history is? I am continually amazed by the historical facts I uncover as I read stories or watch videos. Well, then again, I did grow up learning that George was the first president, Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, and America was Number One!

I never thought to ask which country was number 2. Canada perhaps? When you Canadians go to school to they teach you to say, “We’re number 2?” LOL The fools over here in Korea think they are Number 1. Do you want to know why? “They are ‘one blood,’ and have 'four seasons.” I kid you not. (The ‘one blood’ thing has died out a little bit. Many articles have been published that counter the 'Pure Blood" notion of Korean society. I don’t hear it as much anymore. At least not among the youth. The Four Seasons thing is standard. They seem completely unaware that other countries have four seasons as well. Especially the elementary kids. And when they are challenged on it, they are quick to point out that the Korean seasons are all the same length. (Not even close.) (Tae-han Mein-kuk! The traditional name for Korea, shouted at every soccer match! It glorifies a 5,000 year old history, and clearly accentuates the idea, ‘Korea is number 1.’ )

Perhaps Japan is number 2?

The US is 76th in homicide rates per 100k people, it’s like they’re not even trying. In the US only 86% of the adult population are literate, that’s not good in case you’re wondering. The US is 47th in life expectancy rates, ouch, 17 places below the UK. The US is second in the world in gun related deaths all categories, Brazil take the top prize. Yay, the US beat Brazil into second place for largest Christian population, USA USA number 1 number 1… :innocent: That was in 2011 though…

Some interesting stats online to be sure. There are however some area where the US is number one by an impressive margin, and that is defence or military budget, % of incarcerated people, and of course private gun ownership.

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Are you shitting me? "Literacy Statistics 2022-2023: * 3 out of 5 people in American prisons can’t read

  • 3 out of 4 people on welfare can’t read
  • 20% of Americans read below the level needed to earn a living wage
  • 50% of the unemployed between the ages of 16 and 21 cannot read well enough to be considered functionally literate
  • Between 46% and 51% of American adults have an income well below the poverty level because of their inability to read
  • Approximately 40% of students across the nation cannot read at a basic level.
  • Almost 70% of low-income fourth grade students cannot read at a basic level.
  • 49% of 4th graders eligible for free and reduced-price meals finished below “Basic” on the NAEP reading test.
  • Teacher disposition changes drastically during reading instruction with poor readers.
  • Student disposition changes when they are made to feel inadequate.
  • Students struggle in other academic areas.
  • 60% of the behavioral problems occur during reading assignments- group or independently.
  • Struggling readers suffer socially.
  • Struggling readers suffer emotionally.
  • The student’s family feels the emotions and social effects.

Holy Moley - That’s shocking… No wonder religions are running wild.,on%20the%20NAEP%20reading%20test.


I’ve always struggled to understand why humans feel the need to make up and worship deities. Part of me thinks it’s their way to cope with dying, to justify immoral views (because my god said so), to justify villainizing a lifestyle that they don’t like, etc. All in all, I just see Theism and it’s religious views as an excuse to control others.

I think that’s absolutely the case for many religious “leaders”…for the majority of followers I think it’s a combo of habit and fear.


I agree. Most of the Christians I have argued with have stated that they are afraid of going to Hell. The most common argument that they’ve used on me are fearmongering arguments like this one:

“What will you tell God after you die when it comes time for him to judge you?” and they usually follow up with a response saying “it’s too late, he’ll send you to hell. You should have believed in him when you were among the living”.

I always tell them that I don’t believe in the existence of any god. But that doesn’t stop them from preaching at me.