Israel Example Religion Bad

So, the conflict now is the highest example that Abrahamic religion is BAD. It’s only a tiny piece of land (desert) and two Abrahamic Religions claim it as HOLY. I have a strong conviction against Abrahamic religion, but I do realize this happens with Non-Abrahamic religions fighting also.
But, I still believe in a creator (I get pissed at the creator sometimes). I still believe in life after death. I believe land ownership is a Abrahamic thing and it’s the basis of exploitation. Ancient pagans did not claim ownership of earth. They lived in harmony with it!

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Refer to pagan land claim and boundaries in which gasp wars were fought over… :scream:

Oh … check out other continents’ pagan tribal lands and wars.

Don’t let reality or history interfere with your fantasies though…


No, this is not a religious issue, they are fighting over land. Most wars and conflicts are just that, a battle over territory.

I suggest you do some historical research, because just about every “ancient pagan” community fought over land. Egypt, China, Central America, Babylon, Assyria, pick a civilization, they fought over land.

Why and how do you think early man displaced the Neanderthals?

Pagans lived in harmony with the earth? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha … Rome was Pagan before it was Christian. What in the fuck are you talking about?

He won’t identify his paganism brand choice… my guess? A New ageee type with Crystal kids and Indigos

Oh do fuck off, with your relentlessly sententious preaching.

I’m flagging your posts as spam from now on each time it is appropriate. You were given every chance…

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Indeed. The myth of the noble savage.

This myth was perpetuated by early Social Anthropologists such as James Frazer and his howler of a book (in twelve volumes) The Golden Bough. Still in print and still read by dilettantes. I once read about half of the one volume abridged version. That was more than enough.

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So, you’re basically claiming that all religions prior to Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, never fought each other or themselves, or killed others or committed acts of violence.
Hmmm, interesting…

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Yeah, I think that’s about right. Doesn’t have clue does he.

Just to muddy the waters a bit: The origin of the word ‘pagan’ comes from the Latin ‘paganus’, simply meaning ‘rural’ or ‘rustic’. Later it meant ‘civilian’. There was no religious implication .

As far as I can tell, the word may not be meaningfully used to describe a person or group of people. That’s because the word has different (or no) meaning depending on whom one asks.

Here in Oz, Wiccans sometimes call themselves Pagans or even heathens.

Christian have arrogantly referred to say Hindus as pagans and heathens. Not sure a Hindu would even use the word.

Exactly, this is evidenced by the fact that there is no documentation at all for warfare in e.g. ancient Sumeria; everyone lived in peace and harmony. Same with ancient Egypt – no wars. Enter Abrahamic religions, and suddenly invasion wars were invented.

(^^^ Sarcasm alert ^^^)