Is Trump planning a constitutional crisis for Christmas? Or just a New Year coup?

Yesterday Trump abruptly removed Mark Esper, a Trump critic, as Secretary of Defense and replaced him with Chris C. Miller, who was head of National Counterterrorism (August 2020).

Today Dr. James Anderson Under Secretary of Defence for Policy (sworn in June 2020, following a distinguished career over the past 30 years in US intelligence and planning) and Joseph D. Kernan (ex-Vice Admiral), Under Secretary of Defence for Intelligence (Nov 2017) have both been dismissed and replaced with Trump adminstration flunkeys.

Devin Nunes, who played a clandestine role in Trump’s unsubstantiated accusation that Obama had wiretapped Trump Towers, has been named as one of the new Pentagon appointees. His credentials wouldnt be nearly sufficient to qualify him as either Anderson’s or Kernan’s shoelace. Officials at the Pentagon are as surprised as the press at these sudden changes.

Also today in answer to the question, “Is the State Department currently preparing to engage with the Biden transition team and if not at what point does a delay hamper a smooth transition or pose a risk to national security?”
Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, answered with a smile
“There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration.” ??!!

So what is going on? All US troops home from Afghanistan by Christmas or a Trump dictatorship by New Year?

He will try. But a lot of the government organizations are now on alert for such actions.

Eye-opening, eh?

An absolutely disgusting display of a despondent dictator desperately dismissing democratic decisions…

Trump has often repeated his claim that the most dangerous cities in the United States are run by Democrats, though drawing a causal relationship between rates of crime and Democratic leadership is not possible, a Washington Post fact-check found. This isn’t the first time Trump has suggested withholding aid to cities and states with policies he doesn’t like: he’s also floated the idea of tying federal stimulus money for coronavirus recovery to sanctuary city policies.

“God is love”

Wonderful to tie one thing to another and push it as “evidence”… ever wonder what is happening to “cities”…

This YouTuber is quite good at boiling things down without losing accuracy.

Social evolution is faster than physical…

Time will tell, but all they’re objections to the election result, legal and otherwise, are entirely specious according to all impartial observers. **There is simply no credible evidence of any significant wrongdoing. **

Sadly though Sheldon - a good many of Trump Loyalists engage in “magical thinking” or see this as an opportunity for “advancements” they could never achieve on their own merits.

I don’t doubt it at all, but they’re on a hiding to nothing here, just prolonging their pain as far as I can see. Trump’s attempts to sabotage the initial efforts of the incoming administration may be more annoyingly troublesome, but again it’s hard to imagine how much lasting damage he can do in 6 to 7 weeks.

And of course it simply underscores what selfish crass graceless megalomaniac the US people were unwise enough to vote in as their President.

Trump is an asshole, but he is smart in some ways. His rhetoric has paid the ground work for armed militias to take up arms and begin an insurrection or civil war. His rhetoric has laid the groundwork for the right-wing to rationalize doing something they would not normally do, because many are convinced that the democrats are going to flush the nation down the crapper.

I just hope that some Republican senators understand what he is doing and do not buy into “the means justifies the end”. In this example, allow a despot into power, to maintain what they visualize as the republic. I hope there are a few John McCains still left in congress.

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Truly appalling behavior for a President of a Democracy …

however …

if you view it from a slightly different perspective … such as …

the behavior of a sociopathic ,draft dodging ,tax evading grandson of a German immigrant brothel keeper (who was rejected by his native land for avoiding military service)… its not too far off the beam…


All of this is tRump’s exit strategy. This guy personally and publicly cannot “lose.” So he paints a picture that his election was stolen from him, to keep his zealot base, which he needs for survival on multiple levels.

The reality is, he will be ejected from the White House Jan 20th. To the people that actually have the power to remove him from the white house on that day, and the people that have the power to stop the removal, (the pentagon) there is no question tRump lost the election, even though it was stacked heavily in tRump’s favor.

Recounts, and court trials will only further reinforce that tRump has lost. It is apparent to myself and many others there is no evidenced widespread enough vote tampering done on the democrat side that could even remotely hope to overturn the overall election numbers.

Additionally Biden’s popular vote lead has grown to 5 million and should grow even more. Now the popular vote doesn’t matter (it should, but it does not.) But what it means is the losses tRump suffered in swing states is very well evidenced nationally, further reducing any plausibility of “cheating” on the democrat side. (Now if Biden won the electoral count with tRump leading the popular vote by 5 million plus votes, then it would be a lot easier to argue vote tampering in a few key swing states.

All that said, what damage can tRump do in the next 10 weeks? Quite a lot, and if the republicans maintain control of the senate, (likely,) this damage could take years to undo.
However, the more republicans keep this madness going, the worse look it is going to be for them long term.

Right now republican party is ignoring covid, while it devastates much of rural republican leaning counties. They have stopped all federal covid support, both for the people, and for the states. As covid numbers continue to get worse and worse, this is NOT a good look for republicans.

The new republican super majority in SCOTUS declined on hearing cases about ACA.

Come Jan 20th, Biden will release his Covid plan to help, and the likely republican controlled senate will have the unfavorable position of eithir agreeing to work with Biden and democrats or delay/block covid support that will be desperately needed by everyone, republicans voters included.

I agree with the collapse of many cities, it was inevitable anyways as US increasingly moves to a service based economy and now with high speed internet and public adoption of remote working and video conferencing, cities will still survive as “art/culture” hubs, but will never be the same as service jobs can be done anywhere instead of expensive, crowded cities.

I do think once effective treatment/vaccine is widespread the tourism industry will experience powerful rebounds, they, (esp. cruise ships,) will need to stay idle for another 6 months or so until that moment arrives.

Yep, republican party is in for some serious pain while tRump sets up his golden parachute. I do not know if they have any choice, so reliant upon the tRump only voters to win any close election.

There is Susan Collins from maine (that won her re-election) she has openly defied tRump before. If democrats manage to pick up at least one of the two Georgia seats in the run off, (a bit more likely due to republican party focused on tRump’s hopeless election battle instead of this battle for control of the senate. )
Then all it would take is for Maine senator to side with the democrats again on an issue, and democrats get the majority needed to pass their agenda. Susan Collins may become one of the most powerful people in politics, she will vote according to what her voters want, instead of what tRump wants, based on her past action history.

Yeah, if anything, tRump is very predictable. tRump has not managed to surprise me in a couple of years now. What will tRump do? What ever that will get him the most media coverage, a formula that tRump has followed w/o fail for the last 5+ years.

For the Republican politicians, Trump is, and will continue to be the 800 pound gorilla in the room. He may be stripped of his granted political powers, but he still possesses the ability to eviscerate any Republican with his Tweets to his loyal fan base. His dominating control of the Republican party will not cease until Trump is unable to Tweet.

It has come down to one of two things, a Republican politician seeking power versus the needs and desires of his (or her) constituents will support the Trump agenda. Any Republican politicians who actually believe in the founding principles of the Republican party will oppose Trump.

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I agree with most of your post.

However, I’ve never understood the American tendency to use the term ‘draft dodger’ as a pejorative. The US has not been in a declared War since WW2, IE America has not been in danger of attack.

Trump is a year older than I. He dodged the draft used to send American boys to Vietnam. I consider such action absolutely sane and rational .

I was drafted in Australia in 1968. The only way out for me would have been to go and live with my relatives in Canada. I would not have been able to return for over 5 years.

After corps training, I was sent to a reinforcement centre. Next stop Vietnam. Through serendipity, I had the chance to dodge going to Vietnam, which I did in a heart beat.

I joined a combat battalion immediately after its return from Vietnam. The unit was then sent to Malaysia. This was a holiday posting ,where blokes took their wives and children.

I worked as a medic. I very quickly learned that their experiences in Vietnam damaged everyone to some degree. It destroyed many .

I make no apology for trying to dodge the draft or for evading going to Vietnam. I am unable to criticise anyone who dodged a peace time draft.

If my country was under threat I would not need to be drafted. That was not the case with the Vietnam war for Australia or the US …


I note the anachronism of relating this point on this date in particular …

Can I just ask …where do you stand on Jury duty … what if you were required on a date that was somehow against your interests … would you evade that civil duty too.

Or voting… is that also an inconvenience you would seek to avoid …

or how about evading taxes … just where would you draw the line on non participation in your communities efforts …

and just how do you view those who went where you would not …

What an interesting set of loaded and judgemental questions.

My position is called ethical egoism. Look it up by all means.

That you don’t approve or agree bothers me not at all.

My reference "Altruism and Egoism’ by R D Milo

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Whilst I have no issue with anyone doing their utmost to avoid the draft to Vietnam, I think in Trump’s case I can make an exception because of his cowardly rhetoric about a POW, whom he (Trump) described as a loser for being captured.

I think it’s the overall context I object to, not the fact he dodged the draft per se. Which as you rightly point out are the actions any sane person would take if they could. Sadly we now know all too well that in the US, the draft vacuumed up the poor and powerless, while the rich and influential, like Trump, evaded being in harms way. I have nothing but respect for people who refused to go, and equally for those who were sent to fight and die. However I have nothing but contempt for Trump, who used his father’s wealth to avoid fighting, then makes cowardly remarks about others who did fight.

I know most people here agree, but it’s worth repeating that he’s a crass, selfish graceless prick, with all the charm of a mass grave.


Paying taxes, voting and serving jury duty are not civic duties equivalent to being conscripted to fight and die in foreign wars that present no threat to one’s own country, and that was the situation in Australia at the time. We have a unique social history. You would need to study it to understand the general feeling about conscription and the Vietnam war.
It remains my view that the conservative government of the day betrayed the nation by changing the laws without mandate, and delivering it into a war that was of no real consequence to it beyond the great numbers of Vietnamese refugees that came here.
I was not eligible to serve because of my deafness, but I protested and demonstrated and argued on political grounds as much on pacifism for the sake of my mates. They were saved by the election of the Whitlam government. I ran the gauntlet of police arrests, batons, and horse charges.
Damn it Crank, sounds like you had a better time of it than I did.


I’ve re-read my post … and I’m afraid my questions are just that … questions.
Plain and simple …They are not “loaded” nor "judgmental ".
if you see more in them then that is on you .

And of course my approval or otherwise is my business and should in no way be a consideration for you … just as yours is not of any consequence to me.

Anyway … thank you for the explanation … my apologies if I hit a nerve…

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The 14 months I spent overseas were probably the best in my life.

I was posted to Terendak Garrison, on the west coast of Malaysia, about 10 miles from the town of Malacca . Loved the country and the people I met. Spent a lot of time in a local kampong were made some good friends. I suspect my generally positive attitude towards Islam and Muslims is due to my happy memories of that village and its people.

Initially trained as a grunt, I became a medic whilst overseas. The most enjoyable and satisfying job I ever had.

I admire your stance on conscription and the Vietnam war. Mine was pretty much the same at the time, although I did not demonstrate.

Had I refused to allow myself to be inducted into the army, I would have been sent to prison for two years. Would have lost my public service job and been unable to ever work for any government department or agency again. I naively chose what I saw as the lesser of two evils.— I came within a hair’s bread of going to Vietnam and being killed or developing PTSD at the very least.***

Tangent; I told myself that because I had been conscripted, under duress, that no oaths I took nor papers I signed were morally binding.

I am a patriot. That means I love my country. It does not mean I hate any other country. It does not mean ‘my country right or wrong’. I have the moral and legal right to criticise my county. I also have the right, even the obligation to refuse to accept unjust/ bad laws.


**There were 1200 men in my intake. Of that number,12 of us went to Malaysia. I went through basic with three blokes I knew from school. Two of them were sent to Vietnam. One of them was severely wounded by rocket fire. He was sent home, TPI at 22. —For fucking WHAT? —a vain attempt by Australia to legitimise the American presence in Vietnam. Neither that nor the fatuous ‘Dominoe Theory’ worked on Americans or Australians who had not just fallen off the turnip truck.

I think you understand. Even today, 50 years later, the Vietnam war , with its obscene loss of life and the sheer humbug of our politicians still makes me livid

*For non Aussies ;“Totally And Permanently Incapacitated” (the only worse classification was ‘death’)