Is this better?

I always feel like this improves the view of a church.

It tells me those followers will have to find a new church to pray at. It tells me that cult gathering is over. it means those people won’t be wasting their money there for a while. It tells me a lot of things.

Am I the only one that finds a little happiness in seeing photos let alone a real sight of a church(s) burning down to the ground?

I think for me, a church on fire symbolizes what I want for all of religion. I think that is such a beautiful thing.

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Eh… Just means to me the insurance company will be paying out a huge chunk of change to have a brand new church built tax free. God is good, and that nasty Satan bastard ain’t gonna win THAT easily. We’ll have a BIGGER and BETTER church in the end. Yay!


Oh shit! you’re right. With Christians; someone is always stepping up to pay. Because how else are they going to get their season pass into heaven if they don’t pay up?


Don’t worry, the nutter theist trolls will see this post and screenshot it as proof atheists are violent and hate filled, and use it to scare their flock into obedience. Unfortunately they always play the victim card.

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As long as no one gets hurt, I have no problem with this.

I don’t. Often, churches are very old buildings that have a high historical, cultural historical, architectonic and artistic value. When out travelling, I quite enjoy visiting old(*) churches and cathedrals to look at the architecture and the art, and maybe even get a guided tour to learn about the history of the building. Burning a building is just destructive. Just look at what the idiot horse-cock Varg Vikernes did, setting fire to a church from the 12th century, to let it burn down to the ground. That building would have been better preserved, even if it meant still being used as a place of worship.

Instead of being destructive and burning down churches, I suggest a better course of action would be to convert them to other uses. Like turning them into houses people can live in, businesses, art galleries, museums, concert halls, or even restaurants, pubs or discos.

(*) Old as in the European sense of old, like several hundreds or even a thousand+ years old.


It tells me that I really should have bought that bag of Jesus shaped marsmallows. Now I have to watch the whole thing burn to the ground without a snack.

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