Is the atheism dead?

guys what do you think of the new book by eric metaxas “is atheism dead?”. did you read it? I haven’t read it yet but there are articles that write that science and archeology prove the existence of god …

The first person to “Prove” (a mathematical construct that is not a part of science or archeology) that there is a God will win a Nobel Prize. It has not happened yet. God has not been proved. Not only has God not been proved, BUT, there is no good evidence suggesting such a thing exists.

So, some guy with a BA in English has upturned all of science and ‘proved’ the existence of God without any good evidence. (When hamsters shit moonbeams!)


Flick on any news channel, and you’ll see that isn’t true. Religious apologists seem to split their time between decrying science and claiming it can’t study god, and claiming there is scientific evidence for their chosen deity. You have to laugh, and these kind of books just sound like panic to me, some theists are more threatened by atheism than others I guess.

No; I tried but couldn’t find a free copy, and I won’t be paying $25 for something that I’m pretty sure is shit.

  1. What postulates did they use?
  2. What form of proof did they use?

I suspect no one will be able to answer to those 2 very simple questions. I suspect you’ve been duped.


Welcome to Atheist Republic Cirov.

Instead of talking about someone else, how about you lay out these arguments, let us see if they have any traction.

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Hi Cirov, welcome!

This is just wishful thinking on his part, and in fact the opposite is true, at least in the US. The group of “religious nones” that we get lumped into has been growing on all generational fronts. I’m guessing he is just using this as a bandwagon fallacy. Personally, I know a number of people who have become atheists (former Christians like myself). Christianity in the US has been declining over the past few decades. Here is a Pew article from 2019: In U.S., Decline of Christianity Continues at Rapid Pace | Pew Research Center

Frankly, this isn’t too surprising seeing how radical Christian Nationalism has become here in the states.

Don’t waste your time or money. The concept of god is man-made fiction.

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After learning Metaxas published two pro-Trump children books “Donald Builds a Wall” and “Donald Drains the Swamp” (both are unreservedly racist, sexist, and politically biased beyond belief) I can’t see how this drongo could write anything relevant or important about any subject in the area of human experience, much less in the area of religion. Atheism isn’t dead, nor likely to die anytime soon, as long as theism survives, but one day Metaxas, sooner than he would like, will be.

Lol :joy:

Fuckin’Christ waving goodbye :wave: to good judgement or credibility

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Win a Nobel in what? Physics? Chemistry? Literature? I can’t think of any category “proving god” would fit into.

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Obviously we are talking about a mathmatical “proof.” The word “proof” is not really used in any other science…, unless we are talking about the science of … alcohol consumption. Alcohol “proof” is a measure of the content of ethanol (alcohol) in an alcoholic beverage. I suppose you can get to 100% but who in the fuck is going to drink that shit without some egg-nog to dilute it?

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They wanted to give Bertrand Russell a Nobel Prize in Philosophy, but they don’t have one so they gave him the Nobel for Literature.

I’d suspect something like that. Knocking the buy bull down to just a work of fiction in the literature section would be an achievement worthy of a Nobel for sure!

And we’ve yet to come across any Theist in this lifetime that can actually prove with objective, demonstrative, or real evidence that a sky father exists. With that being said like Christopher Hitchens says: If it can be asserted without evidence then it can also be dismissed without evidence.

Stop for a minute and think about what you are asking. 1. What in the hell do you imagine atheism is. 2. If you actually understand it, how can it possibly be dead. There is nothing there to kill.

Atheism is the simple request that you provide evidence for your God. Can you do that? Yes, or, no? If you cannot, please share, what possible reason is there for believing your claims? What is there that is ‘dead’ in the idea of not believing claims without evidence?

Whar are you talking about?


Which was my point. There is no Nobel prize for mathematics. Perhaps a rigorous mathematical proof that there is no god would be worthy of a Fields Medal (assuming whomever managed the proof is under 40), which is sometimes considered the Nobel of mathematics.

But if a mathematician discovered God, wouldn’t he then qualify? After all, they would have " conferred the greatest benefit yet known to Mankind." (Awwww fuck… I knew mathematicians had won the prize, I fucking didn’t know that it didn’t have anythign to do with mathmatics. But once you think about it, I guess it makes sense. Math would have to be applied to something to make it a benefit to mankind. Think they could slip it in under physics? How about . How about 'peace." Oh fuck! I vomited in my own moth after writing that. I’m gonna have to face it. The discovery of God would be just about as wothless as discovering dirt flavored gummy toothpicks. Just as useless as fuck. Damn… and I was hoping someone religious was going to win it some day. Isn’t it sad that NO ONE gives a shit? OOps! There is that vomit again. I gotta go gargle.

Well, for mathematics you also have the Abel Prize:

Writing a rigorous proof for anything you want is simple:

  1. If dogs exist, [god exists].
  2. Dogs exist.
  3. Therefore [god exists].

Want to prove something else? Just swap out the bold parts for whatever you want!

/e and nobody will be getting any prizes for that.


That’s kinda why I pointed out that Logic doesn’t tell you if something is true, only if it’s consistent with agree upon premises. The Logic is sound, based upon the premise. But it’s a questionable premise.

Logic is a lot of fun, but it’s useless when people can’t agree upon a premise.

EDIT: Just noticed I pointed that out in a different thread. Ignore me…