Is it immoral not to fight religion

I could be an atheist yet believe in an afterlife.

That would be peachy keen. If it’s not too much trouble, could you let me have broad idea of the evidence you would use in forming such a belief?

In brief, my position is that I do not believe in god(s) nor a non material, super-natural existence or being(s) . The reason is the lack of empirical evidence, unless something has come up in the last 24 hours and I missed it.

That is why I injected the word “could”. I was just making a hypothetical scenario. For the record, I lack belief in anything that is not directly measurable or experienced. I do not believe in anything in the “supernatural” category.

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You would be a Buddhist.

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If you believe in an afterlife you are definitely NOT an atheist.

Why? Atheism is the answer to a claim about a god or gods and only that. . An “afterlife” is a separate claim and could well exist without affecting your atheism.

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You have to prove that an afterlife is the result of just a god. Is it impossible to conceive that one may embrace the concept of an afterlife without a god?

Have you ever considered that many Buddhists do not believe in a god or gods, yet believe in an afterlife in the form of reincarnation?

If one applies the definition that an atheist lacks the belief in a god or gods, then many Buddhists are atheists.

And just like the monotheists, you come here with your preconceptions of what an atheist is; and then try to force us to fit that mold.

As I said before; the only significant difference between your supernatural beliefs and the Christians is: you aren’t in a majority, so you aren’t really in a position to impose your beliefs on others with force; for now.


Fuck…for all we know we meet a quantum immortality … no need for a god.

Lol :laughing: my bet is on the processor breaks down ( :brain:) the “me” is gone - finito bye-bye babeeee

Therefore Frankenstein’s monster was a theist?

Oh good point! Here is another: Herbert West (Re-animator).

Oh right, another good one! Very similar/same as: Poincaré recurrence.

Ever wonder how some people are able to dress themselves in the morning?
A = Without It is a common Latin prefix. Theist = Belief in God.

Atheist - A person that does not believe in God. THAT’S IT. NOTHING MORE.


Nope, that isn’t true.