Irrational actions

Beliefs inform our actions.

Belief without sufficient evidence, is an irrational belief.

Irrational beliefs lead to irrational actions, which are the root cause of the majority of humanities problems.

Does this tread water in your eyes?

You are very close. Not all irrational actions create problems. This is the big reason Religion is given the skip over in the DSM. As irrational as we can demonstrate the religious perspective to be, it does not interfere with one’s ability to provide themselves and their families with food, shelter, or clothing. Irrational beliefs also lead to rational actions, but for the wrong reasons. I must be kind to others because the bible tells me so, is an irrational basis with a rational outcome. The actions only become problematic when they interfere with one’s life in such a way as to create problems.

Here is another problem. You are an atheist and rationally so. But every time you mention your atheism, you lose a job or a sex partner. Being rational, admitting your rationality, may not be the rational thing to do. Life is just a bit more complex.

You are on the right track.


Agreed, we likely couldn’t function without forming beliefs about the world we perceive.

Something is irrational if it is not in accordance with the principles of logic, can you demonstrate that such a belief violates any principle of logic?

Hmm, if you had said can lead to I might have let that one slip by, but I suspect this would need to be objectively evidenced either way.

Wow, I think being irrational means you are far more likely to make incorrect or invalid claims or hold incorrect or invalid beliefs. I think the last part is a matter of subjective opinion. I mean how are we defining humanity’s problems here? What one person considers a problem for humanity another might not.

That makes sense, people tend to roll their eyes and get irked when you point out they have made an irrational statement as well, in my experience they don’t gush praise on you for helping them learn something new, same with correcting people’s grammar. I would definitely advise you do this sparingly.

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That would most likely be case dependant, for example, the god of Abraham would be logically inconsistent, due to the omnipotence and omnipresence being self negating.

You are most definitely correct here.

I guess so, I wouldn’t want to sit here and point out all of the irrational actions causing us issues, because I’d wager you probably are aware of them.

It is a very broad statement, I will give this part more consideration.

Definitely not in my experience, I mostly get hate and toxicity back, No love like that of a Christian. :rofl:

I’m glad I could spit ball this here, I can potentially strengthen it now.


So very true, this is also highlights how their current methodology is an unreliable tool.

I am working on this, I have a tendency to see things in black and white quite frequently.

I see where you are coming from, and I find I don’t disagree.

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