Introductory Thread

People around here are really welcoming. As long as the conversation is progressing, the mods are very liberal. You’re probably not offending anyone around here. I’m and idiot, what is your point and how does that move you one step closer to providing evidence for the God you profess you believe in. I just realized how much like Jesus you actually are. He ran about the countryside calling anyone who challenged him a ‘fool.’ Fool? Idiot? Can’t I use them as synonyms? I am a fool and an idiot about a lot of things. But when I catch myself making unevidenced claims or when someone points them ot to me, I’m pretty good at falling back and reassessing my position. It makes me look like much less of an idiot or fool. What’s the old expression? ‘Being crazy is doing the same thing over and over and over again, even though it isn’t working.’ So, are you heading over to the other thread or not?


Well guys, been looking back a bit and remembering someone with very much the same approach as Herr Semen . From memeory he used very much the same arguments, semantics and insults. Got himself banned, and when he returned under a pseudonym got himself banned again.

Trouble with these dullards , these gollumpusses, these jolterheads, is they think they can repeat their graceless shabaroons without detection. Wrong Mr Semen, plain wrong.

Now fuck off like the graceless lobcok you really are, and take your unformed tribe of alter egos with you.

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Theists or people who wave their imaginary high morals like a flag and call it religious freedom make me sick. Just like this fuck bag in the thread. It’s the kind of bullshit that makes you want to go in your bedroom & blow your brains out all over the floor. Everyone is always playing the morality card when they’re probably the worst fucking person in real life. Just like with this pro life shit on tv, god this god that. I’m so sick of it. Religion turns humans into sick fucking idiotic monsters trying to act so noble and it just makes me feel both angry and depressed. Every time I see Christians pull this shit. I just hate humanity that much more because of them.

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Odd… The thought never occurred to me to do that. Guess I’m just an arrogant narcissistic asshole, because I like me too much to consider such actions. I’ve always said that if I’m ever found dead under odd/suspicious circumstances, start looking for the bastard that killed me. Because it sure as shit wasn’t done by me. But, like I said, I’m probably just a narcissist prick like that… (shrugging shoulders)…

For questions or clarifications see the various Jordan Peterson videos available on the YouTube…on the other hand…


@skriten Ahhhh… What a wonderful trip down Memory Lane. Makes feel like… SINGING!

:notes::musical_note: “Memmmmmmm-mories…
Light the corners of my minnnnnd…
Misty watercolor memmmm-ories
Of the way we werrrrrre…” :notes::musical_note:

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Massive honking mammories
thy’re the ones I love
I remember that song.


Shit… in a different thread I used @Semen_gag_reflex

YOU beat me to it (fucking Aussie time)…

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You have to use your memory on mammories…

I got the little bitty titties… :grinning:

Mr. Semen with the schism jism.



Perfect! The big ones are scary. Anything over a mouthfull is a waste. You don’t have to worry about them dropping to your knees. You are more healthy because of them. Good things come in small packages.

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That’s ma’ man :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Size NEVER matters.

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Uh yeah, about that…uh I think maybe you might want to reserve making any more comments referring to “the way we were”…
Just, you know, a friendly “suggestion”…

Giant spiders make me nervous too!


Yeah, you’re right. My bad. After all, the sign did say “No-Tell Motel.”


Well at least you’re keeping an open mind I see. :wink:

Is it a mirror?


In my defence, people is dumb.

What compelling objective evidence convinced you a deity exists?

Mustttt nottttt commenttttt…you could try looking it up yourself of course.

Like I’d learned something new, or improved my understanding of something.

From the amount of objective evidence that supports it.

Great, could you demonstrate the most compelling piece of objective evidence you think you have for a deity?

So you fell over on your left tit for nothing then, that’s a shame.