Institutional racism in the Church of England

Is anyone shocked? Next week’s installment of the thrilling revelation of the blindingly obvious, will no doubt expose misogyny.

Staff paid off to keep them quiet, and made to sign NDA’s

Dear oh dear…what does the bible say? Well it depends where you look, so not much help really.

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Oh dear. How…Christian. There’s obviously a deep chasm between the theoretical love-thy-neigbour teachings and what is being practiced.

What will be more realistic - that the CoE will be true to the teachings of their misogynistic scriptures and discriminate based on gender, or that they will deny the teachings of their misogynistic scriptures and discriminate anyway?

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:face_with_hand_over_mouth: really???

How could that be???

Jesus was “white” and accepting of …

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I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that the Mars helicopter had made it’s first flight. My “this is something new” meter did not even twitch on this topic.

…did twitch when Prince William announced

'We’re not a racist family,


Yes. Apart from Meghan Markle, how many Asian or people of colour have ever been a member of the British Royal Family?

I’ve always taken it for granted that they’re a mob of racist morons. The Queen is head of The church Of England, so I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise, although I admit t being a bit disappointed. The C of E is progressive in other ways.EG women priests and very tolerant of gay.

William should have kept his trap shut. He’ll learn. Although Philip never did.

Lol :laughing:

Now, he personally may not feel he is “racist”, and when I was growing up, it was obvious that England was much more (lol) accepting of blacks than the USA…BUT his statement was utterly ignorant. HOWEVER they may just treat everyone, regardless of race with as much “pity and contempt” (ie cash cows) equally.

Probably, but that’s a very low bar.

I can attest to the British class a system being alive and well. I discovered this in London.

Oddly, most open and friendly people I met were my friend’s neighbours in Cambridge. We were literally chatting over the fence. My friend later told me the bloke was a baron.