Indonesia biggest muslim country, what do you think?

What do you think is the best way to make people love reading and being critical about their religion? ; Welcome to AR.

I have no idea. I have neither the desire nor the right to make anyone do anything.

Welcome to Atheist Republic

In my opinion, the best way to deal with religion and whether there is or is not a god is to teach children critical thinking.

I removed the link. Self promotion is frowned on.

…and after that having secular laws and a secular state apparatus. But systematically teaching children critical thinking at school might be a product of a certain degree of state secularism.

I taught a simple “be yourself”. If they found certain things “funny” in society or religion OR “unfair”, I would just listen and ask questions. I didn’t tell them what to think or change their initial perceptions.

I’d offer my point of view. I’d ask them about theirs (and assure them they could have their opinion different than my own).

Also taught them early about pre-assumptions, the importance of listening and repeating back what you think is being said.

Yeah, it’s hard to beat the Socratic method. But of course he was executed for corrupting the young.

A valuable tool in counseling too.

Actually listening to the kids would be a novel experience for them. As a broad general rule, children are not accustomed to adults actually listening to them. They can be very difficult to counsel.

Wow, you certainly did a lot of things right. Were you disliked by superordinates? ( I loath the term ‘superior’. Usually so wrong on so many levels in my experience )

I don’t know :woman_shrugging:t2:. Didn’t care. My focus was on making sure projects were completed. I was offered an office in my first “manager” position, but chose instead a regular stall with my team. My boss thought I was nuts. I had offices before but it was client driven and privacy was needed.

I know I made almost everyone who worked under me cry at least once. I had one staffer fuck up big. Like really big. She told me about it right away and I told her everyone makes mistakes and there is nothing that can’t be “undone” or “figured out”. Now my ass was on the line because of stats- and this was a stats issue.
Lol. I had everyone pulling 3 months of records to re-enter to cover the staffer’s (and in turn my butt - she would have been fired, I would have had to do this anyway). Told everyone to keep their fucking mouths closed. They did.

Seriously. I have no fucking clue whether they liked me. It never crossed my mind that they should.

When I first worked for Social Security, my job included keeping manual stats of phone calls. This was a very busy, stressful job for which I received no training . So I thought “Fuck that” . After casually asking others about their stats, I invented a figure each week. I don’t know why, but I figured I’d be ok if I always used a prime number. No one ever said anything. :innocent:

My favourite was a vey ethical christian with whom I once worked. Like many of us, he considered the punitive sections of the Social Security Act to be unethical and immoral. So he just quietly ignored 'em for about 20 years. Most of his peers knew. None of the managers ever said anything.

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