Indicator of life...Texans rely on heart NOT brain 🧠

“While not the beginning of life, the heartbeat is the universally recognized indicator of life,” the group states in an FAQ on its website.

Pro-life. Idiots don’t even have a clue what determines “life”. BUT then thinking about ethical issues isn’t simple, is it?

The “fetal heartbeat” isn’t even a functioning, developed heart at that stage. The other organs don’t matter.

Does this mean science has already recreated “life” (artificial hearts)? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Taliban Texans have thought of everything… fuck, they’re gonna git rid of rapists (

Incest is scriptural. Even the most righteous of men (Lot) had some daughter booty (both) when he was drunk (but not too drunk).

Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: - those breaking Covid health restrictions (masks, gatherings, etc) the mantra was “don’t be a rat :rat:” (you’re only dealing with fully formed persons) BUT now y’all git paid $10,000 and legal costs if y’all rat out ‘dem womenfolk…

It’s this -pushing the public to be paid vigilantes- that is getting them around the right to choose uh the “my body, my choice” wasn’t invented for mask :mask: and vaccine :syringe: choice.

This may be flushed soon. Previous Supreme Court ruling on the idea of allowing private citizens (or delegating to other groups) the state’s responsibilities…

His magical thinking of “eliminating all rapists” (fucking dipshit) HAS me magically thinking that this dipshit should git pregnant. He should go through the whole process. ALL of it. AND raise the kids - oh …and whine and complain that his baby mommy don’t pay child support (I’m being generous by having it be consensual sex and he knows the woman)… it’s not a situation where his Aunt has “raped” him since he was 13…

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It’s like he’s trying to set a record for the amount of ignorance you can spout in the fewest words. Does a grown man really not know that it takes longer than 6 weeks for many women to realize she’s pregnant so claiming a rape victim has 6 weeks to decide on an abortion makes no sense? Doesn’t he know that claiming they’ll solve the problem my eliminating rape is not in any way doable? Doesn’t he realize how many rapes go unreported due to stigma, the trauma of a trial where the victim is revictimized, and the problem of getting a conviction because it is often just her word against his? Is he just relying on the ignorance of his voters?

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Seems that how he got in.

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The exact same line an anti-choicer made on here, but he was claiming to be an atheist. Hate to burst their bubble but starfish, sea cucumbers, coral, and Jellyfish are living things, and none of them have hearts.

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I’m hoping it is, but with a 6:3 conservative majority on the Supreme Court, it’s entirely possible they’ll let the Texas law stand.

They’re hearing a case next month from Mississippi that has the potential to overturn Roe v. Wade --now that’s downright scary.

The stupid cunt (if you’ll pardon the expression) probably thinks rape is a sexual crime, rather than a violent crime with a sexual expression.

I told my middle kid what he said.

Kid … “You mean they haven’t had that as a goal till now???” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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…but, but, but…I thought the Constitution only protected gun rights…

I love this lawsuit. Yeah!!!