In The World Of Atheists There's Still Room For Love

Except that I am in love with my stuffed toy, and he can not even love me back. I still love him and love cuddling sleeping with him at night, he’s almost like a god to me. LOL.

Funny how close you can feel to a stuffed toy though.

It is my Fievel plushie I am speaking about.

Yep. I lived with a hoarder once. This guy had toys that he had kept since he was 3 years old, and was passionate about protecting them. Everything had sentimental value to it. Everything. He could not part with anything. Everything was attached to a memory and if he lost the item he would lose the memory.

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I find I’m the polar opposite to this, I don’t have much, because if I no longer need something, I give it to someone who does.

Also, I’ve been living in perpetual poverty for the majority of my life, so I haven’t been able to accrue much in the way of estate.

I’ve never been able to understand the hoarder mentality, my younger sister is prone to this particular affliction, we often butt heads over it.

I don’t hang onto things quite that badly, but do have a lot of love for my Fievel stuffed toy. I have a few other things I hang onto which I could throw away, but that’s in the basement.

Don’t know if I qualify as hoarder, but I do collect things and then just move onto something else.

Right now I’m in the process of de cluttering mIy house and garage.I’m being pretty ruthless.

Using the same modus as I used with my clothes. If I had not used it for 2 years,out it went. Except for the ties. Mine go back to 1971.Plus I have some of dad’s,which go back to the late 1930’s. I threw out 80% of my clothes. These days I spend around $200 year ,on say a new pair of Levis, sneakers or a new sweater. No cardigans, I hate cardigans; no other item of clothing says" I’m an old fart" quite as succinctly.

------I stopped dressing to impress when my last relationship ended, in 2011. Saves sooo much trouble. Not to mention money.

There is an online facility here called ‘Freecycle’, people advertise and give shit away. I’ve found it of limited use. (it’s free)

My nerdy mate suggested I advertise on Gumtree.(also free) He did,and the stuff was gone within 24 hours-----I’ll try it next week. I have a LOT of crap. Haven’t quite reached the state where I’ll give away my collection of DVD’s. I bought most of 'em in the form of box sets of Sci fi shows.

I’m determined not to be like my father. It reached the stage where the car could not fit in the garage any more. Solution? He added a carport to the side of the house.
When dad went into care,it took three of us several days and two huge rubbish skips to clean out the garage.

Me and my house mate both did this, we never touched the DVDs anymore, being able to stream whatever film we want on the Internet seemingly makes DVDs outdated methods of entertainment.

The free space is now used as a place to store my ebike, I have to keep it indoors, because there are a lot of crack and heroin addicts in my area.

They steal anything of any worth if you don’t make it impossible for them to get to it.

Just the other day, I had a crack addict try to steal my Chinese takeaway on the way home, it was a pitiful attempt, the man was so thin and frail, I had to hold back my punch, I didn’t want a manslaughter charge put on me.

He was obviously just hungry, but I’m not going to give him my food that I worked hard to pay for, nor was I abouts to beat a man down on his luck too severely, even if his bad luck was self inflected.

Just one punch to let him know I’m not an easy target, it was witnessed by his like minded peers, I’ve not had an issue with them since.

Crack addicts? Fuuuuck! Pretty colourful .Do you live there through choice, indifference or poverty?

None of that out in the suburbs where I live. The most colourful thing around here is a discrete brothel a few streets away. I have been approached by a street drunk in the city from time to time. A recovering alcoholic, I always give to a suffering alcoholic. I’m in no position to judge anyone.

Both of these I’d say, I’ve never had the drive to climb up the ladder of society, so I’ve always been pretty skint, moving through basic wage jobs.

Sorry to hear that.

At 18 I moved to Melbourne for work. I took home $20 a week. Of that, $10 was for the boarding house.

On weekends I would walk around 3 miles to see my girlfriend because I couldn’t afford tram fare.
Would often hitch hike for the same reasons. The expression here is 'being on the bones of your arse" .

Yep, was I poor, but having too good a time to know it. I have never felt poor, ever. In Australia poverty tends to be relative. A person who cannot afford a car, a mobile phone and a flat screen TV would be considered poor here.

Absolute poverty does exist in Australia, but it’s uncommon.


Lest you think I’m taking myself too seriously. Nor is it my intention to trivialise your life.

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lol… I grew up on the state’s dime. Welfare all the way and not a dime of support from my runaway father. I must have been about 10 years old when my mother drug my younger brother, sister and myself to the welfare office and screamed at the officials there to take these fucking children off her hands. (Mom was not the most stable of individuals.)

Now, talking about a good time. I grew up in a beach city in Southern California. I was in swimming trunks and a T-shirt 300 days out of the year. Surfing, swimming, riding bikes, fishing, a small year round carnival, plenty of tourist restaurants and loads of jobs to be had all occupied my time. I had a great life… outside of school anyway… Ha haha,…

I didn’t apply myself to school until I turned 18, was completely emancipated and free to be on my own. Suddenly I woke up and began to study for the first time in my life. Well… I did go to a Junior college for 4 years to finish High School and then get some units towards university… still… in the end… I wound up with two university degrees… Sociology and Counseling/Psychology. Go figure.

No idea how I managed. I was homeless and jobless at times and still I managed to stay in school and study… This has turned me into a real piece of unempathetic shit. “Fuck people who are unwilling to work!” If you are not willing to suffer to get ahead in this world, you do not deserve to get ahead. It’s just that fucking simple. You are (MOSTLY) responsible for your own success or failure. (Shit Happens to Everyone) Another measure of success is how quickly you can pick yourself up and just move on when life kicks you in the guts. No one is exempt from these little stomach punches.

So like you, my trip to school was five miles through the rain and snow in freezing temperatures, bare footed, without a jacket, up hill both ways with the wind blowing in my face. But you tell that to the kids today…

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So glad top learn you saved yourself. Far too many in circumstances anything like yours do not.

It doesn’t actually snow in South Australia. Instead I had to ride my bike to school in temperatures of up to 90 Fahrenheit.

The school had no a/c not even a fan. The school was right next door to a tannery (truly, I swear) The good brothers’ favourite teachers aide was the strap. From age 10 to when I left at 17, I and most others often got hit every day for a week. I cannot remember a week in which I was not belted. Tried to tell my parents, many times. They didn’t believe me. nor my brother when he started going to that place.

In truth I cannot claim eschewing Catholicism and my eventual atheism did not have an emotional component, at least at the beginning.

Now there’s something fishy about the stories those four Yorkshire men were telling, I can’t quite put my finger on it :eyes:

Yeah, there’s a lot of that with Monty Python.

Here’s another clip I love: (every type of cheese mentioned is real, but there’s a few I have not tried))


Yes Cheese Shop is a neat clip. On film first I don’t believe they even had the reel to reel tape type video yet. Just Classic Film as it was the only choice in those days. And of course Kodak was the pretty popular in those days if I am right?

Anyways, he’s about to shoot the guy.

I was watching while writing.

I’m not sure. But, TV first began videotaping in the US in 1956. Australia used the Betamix format rather than VHS. The first Monty Python series was made between 1969 and1983. Pretty sure they would have used video tape because it was a lot cheaper than film. It might have been Kodak Video tape for all I know.

In the early days of TV , in the early 1950’s, there were no video recordings. If a copy of a live broadcast was wanted they either filmed it OR filmed an actual television screen during the broadcast. That’s why many clips of say pop singers made in the 1950’s are of such poor quality.

Still? You say that as if there was ever any doubt.

Blind faith is one thing, sentiment is something else entirely.

I have an ‘R’ scrabble tile I have kept with me for 11 years.