I'm so glad I don't believe this crap

believers lose their mind completely over the years

Don’t we all? (La la la la la la la 20 Character Post.)

My understanding is that the words “yes mistress” are most frequently to be heard spoken by Tory MPs while being made to parade around in baby dresses on leashes in certain houses in Belgravia.

I’ll let you all reach for the brain bleach after this …


“Mmmmmmmmm! Brain bleach, baby dresses, and leashes.” Do you think they are rolling pin friendly? Do they have banana trees in Belgravia?

Belgravia ( I had to look that up.) Tory MPs (Made sense after I looked up “Belgravia.” ) I fully understand all the other references… LOL

Belgravia has been synonymous with, er, certain brands of “services” ever sice the likes of Cynthia Payne gained notoriety in the news back in the 1980s. :slight_smile:

And, of course, Lindi St Clair, who claimed to have 250 MPs as clients around the same time. :slight_smile: