I'm not an Atheist anymore

Should’ve figured out the crowd here before, ik I shouldn’t generalize, but this way atheists are only making their way harder.

Who the fuck is ‘we’?

I haven’t.

I’m with Groucho Marx.

Oh, self promotion is not allowed. This is a debate forum, not a platform for your political views.

You should follow Armin Navabi, the founder of the Atheist Republic. Except that he was suspended (for 5 months, so far) for posting a picture of a Hindu deity. Perhaps you should consider a different platform.

And second…

Third strike you’re “out”. Lol. No one here knows you dumbass.

We need a good Weee a couple times a day, a poop once a week, air to breath, food to eat and a warm place to sleep where we can feel safe taking our Weee.

Anything else is a “want.” Why in the fuck would I “want” to associate with you. You don’t even seem to know the difference between a ‘want’ and a ‘need.’

Holyyyyy fuck, on a diet of bananas I’d have thought you’d achieve loftier pooing stats than that. It’s a wonder you’ve any left, the way you fling it around.

I’m not an Atheist anymore

I can see how that’d be difficult for you, if you view atheism as some sort of club you can join, or then leave in a fit of pique.

Oh well bye then, it’s been emotional…


You gotta account for cheese night. Banana poo is too soft to fling but when you add in a cheese night and a pound of sharp cheddar, Munster, or whatever your favorite coagulant is, you get that, just right consistency. So that’s 5 parts bananas and one part cheese for the perfect poo.

How very patronising of you.

From where I sit you are in no position to know even about the atheist on this forum, let alone atheists generally . We makeup about 13% of the world population and are not an homogeneous group.

From whence did you get the opinion that I or others here care about your opinion?

Only a couple of times a day? I have a vindictive prostate-----

Sadly, bananas are too high in sugar for me to eat regularly.

Sorry. A way to where? Where an “atheist anymore” is going to?

“I am a humanist, which means, in part, that I have tried to behave decently without expectations of rewards or punishments after I am dead.” (Kurt Vonnegut)