I'm here, again

Not that I really was gone, but I had to join the forum using a different name because my wife and I have a new I-MAC computer, which means that I have my own e-mail address now.
I’ve been a member for a while using the name MR. Macabre. My new user name is MR. Macabre 13, original huh?
Is it possible to merge the 2 accounts so I can keep my posts and points(?) from my original account? If not, it’s not a big deal, I just thought I’d ask.
Glad to still be here.

Not sure… ugh :weary: I’ll pray to the techie Fairy GodMother :pray:

Nice 13 eh?

Another fucking thing now we have in common.

No triskaidekaphobia here.

It appears that nothing can be done. I’m sorry. BUT to be fair, Fairy GodMother has never claimed to be “all powerful”.

Thanks, I was just asking. They were able to do it on another forum, but it must be different. I’ll just have to start over again.
Do you by any chance know how to post photos onto the forum? I’m trying to figure it out for a new post that I’ve started, but I can’t figure it out.
Any help would be appreciated.

I place my mouse pointer over the photo I wish to paste, and copy the link. I then attempt to paste it into the chat. Sometimes that does not work and I resort to plan B.

I keep a folder of just images. I find the picture I wish to work with and “save Image as” into that folder. Then when I wish to insert that picture into chat, I just use the little image icon to upload from my computer.

I copy the photo to my “picture album”… click the box to the bottom left and pick photo library.

I tried something yesterday that apparently worked, I’ll have to try it and see if I can do it again, thanks.

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