I'M CONtinuing to suffer

I’m continuing to suffer even though it is Christmas holiday…this being is a jerk…,

Get help.

Contact the police, a doctor, or a suicide hotline.

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I’m so sorry to hear that, i hope you are fine and find a way to be safe, try to get a good job, and move to a safe place
If you can contact to the police to or hire a lawyer to find legal help please try to do so

Merry Christmas for you and all atheists that have been through hard situations in 2020. I hope for all of us to find in 2021 new opportunity to stay safe and live our life as we could. :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree:

I for one, certainly believe you are “Con-tinuing.”


Nice to see you posting! This particular theist is doing some type of CON … or still in the midst of their paranoid delusional break from reality.

No one here yet has received a reply to the “situation”…

She/he is afraid to call???

:policeman: :policewoman:t6: break in…
Tasers in hand…
“Slowly step away from the Bible/Koran…”


“Slowly step away from the Bible/Koran…” Step away as fast as you can.

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