If you enjoy stories about trials in court rooms

,…you really can’t go past the Kitzmiller vs. Dover trial transcripts, which are available for free here., care of the National Centre for Science Education, bless 'em.
Its got everything.
A modest 8.5 MB of 39 individual PDFs for easy downloading comprise this hefty slice of unadulterated gripping court room drama and fast-paced action from one of the most important trial cases every convened. It makes the Scopes Monkey Trial look as tame as an organ grinder…which reminds me I got to remind Cog to read this.
Be stunned by the step-by-step explanations of evolutionary science and history, all patiently laid out and described by the leading proponents of real sciences and philosophies and the devout pedlars of pseudo science, in terms even lawyers and a bench judge can understand and follow…except the parts where the pluralist theists claim their unfalsifiable god must be the only alternative to those really hard bits of evolution that they - or rather - no-one else can possibly ever be able to understand or much less explain without their “mighty mutator”. Look! Aliens!..

What are the motives of the uncomfortable sounding “Wedge Project”.
Has God murdered Science?
Or is Science slowly doing the Old Man in with toxic methodological philosophy? (no, not the Old Man Who Yells at Clouds. He’s got some fucking vicious square pooping celestial wombat that protects him).
Who is this mysterious “intelligent designer”, what is his secret identity and what are his intentions in making any innocent organs “irreducibly complex” through punctuated bouts of magic when he could have done it right, in the first place, with ex-nihilo creation?
Did any of the Directors of the Dover Area School District tell the truth about “Of Pandas and Humans”?
What was “Panda’s” original identity prior to Edwards vs Aguillard?
How was it that the trial lasted for 'forty days and nights? (See the very end of the last PDF for the startling truth.)
For the answers to these and other timeless questions, get your transcripts now.

Seriously, its history, politics, science and pseudo science, precise and understandable explanations of seemingly complicated philosophical and scientific subjects; its “To Kill a Mockingbird” meets “Defenders of the Galaxy” (well…not really)…but it is free and educational and is packed full of healthy nutritious reading and did I mention its free?
Get your first PDF today and be the first one on your block crazy and nerdy enough to collect the whole set!

For the sake of convenience, Dr Miller’s defence of science and his efficient dismantling of creationism/intelligent design can be found starting in the first PDF Day 1 a.m. (He was one of the first scientists to debate proponents of creation science and has a thorough understanding of the subject).

Professor Behe’s first day of testimony can be found in PDF Day 10 a.m.

And Professor Barbara Forest’s utter demolition of the Creation Research Institute’s attempt to dress Creation Mutton up as Intelligent Design Ham (the pun was unintended but let it stand) starts off in PDF Day 6 a.m. Professor Forrest’s testimony is essential reading for understanding the duplicitous nature and intention of the Wedge Project for which an official policy and intention document is available at NCSE as well.

Or, if you’re the impatient type and can’t wait to see ‘who dun it’ (and without need for a spoiler alert, I can tell you its probably not a god), I refer you to this PDF for Judge Jones’s official and detailed findings.


Saved for future reference for boys - and myself :wink: Thanks

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Cog is on it!!! Coconut husks hurt, even when soaked in water over night. I can really use the PDF files… Looking forward to them.