If a god was real

Then so would every fantasy as well. Watching How To Train Your Dragon. And I want my Night Furry already to fly just to have fun.

I just hope battles are few and far between.

Interesting conclusion. Care to share your reasoning?

I’m assuming you mean any old god, not one in particular.

IF all we knew was that a god was real, there is not a single thing we could assume about him/her/it or anything else. Such knowledge in itself would not allow any conclusion about peoples’ fantasies nor any other personal superstitions.


It was more of a joke, thanks for taking it so seriously.

Now where’s my Night Furry, I want to go flying.

Sorry, I can be a humourless old fart. :blush:

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Oh that’s no problem, but I like keeping a sense of humor as life has to be enjoyed.

Just so.

If only there was a way you could let me know when you’re being intentionally funny*** :innocent:

**It’s partly due to the Asperger’s; I can been very literal. The other part is being a humourless old fart.

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Fievel just needs to attach an emoji to the end of a sentence to indicate how serious it is.

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Posting a topic as such then demanding my own dragon doesn’t seem very serious does it? That’s why I said if god is real, then so is every fictional creation on earth as well.

So where is my dragon?

Not being very serious if I am demanding my own dragon.

Am I a bad person, that if I had a night fury right now, that I would of gone and leveled the US capitol building (with no one in it) last night to stop the amy Barrett nomination until after the people vote? Heck I could just take a few road entrances to the capitol building instead of the capitol building itself. I do not want to hurt anybody, I just want to give the people the chance to have their votes/preference heard.

For instance: the majority of people in the US support Roe v Wade and the Affordable Care Act.

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Why not kill Trump?

If you have a dragon which is that hard to catch and can attack back, what are they really going to do?


I wouldn’t kill Trump, but I don’t like him either.

tRump is the one person I “wished” covid on. I got my wish heh. But I do not want to see him killed. For one, his fanatical base will turn it into a giant conspiracy and likely cause a lot of trouble.

I also consider killing to be a mercy, but living, with a loss of freedom, in jail a far worse fate, especially for tRump.

Finally, as destabilizing as tRump is, taking him out 3 weeks before the election would cause a lot more harm than good in my opinion. There is increasing chatter that Biden/democrats are going to win 2020 by a landslide. With numbers breaking for Biden and democrats in the latest polls, in far greater numbers then Mrs Clinton was at 4 years ago today. I want tRump to be alive to realize everything he tried to achieve will be reversed.

I do want tRump to die penniless, in jail 10+ years from now. With much of his cohorts with him. The idea of tRump needs to be an embarrassment, a cautionary tale of why we choose to push down our greed and self centeredness.

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He’ll feel much embarrassment for never fully getting anything he ever wanted. So staying alive is a good thing.

Even if that was on the table, what would it accomplish? No matter what happens, Americans will be stuck living with 40+ million neighbors who thought it is a good idea to vote (more than once!) for a conspiracy theorist as the supreme executive. Simply because the conspiracy theorist (recently) joined their political party.

Those people aren’t going away when Trump is removed from office. We are fucked anyway you slice it, imo.

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Probably the worst thing which could happen while he’s in office. The nutjobs would scream ‘CONSPIRACY’ and reach for their guns.

As an outsider, I’m stocking up on peanuts to await the election results. Should be especially entertaining if Trump loses.

Trump winning doesn’t bear thinking about—Even that dickhead Mike Pence looks better than Trump at first glance. (if Trump dies in office) He ain’t. If anything he’s worse because he’s a seasoned politician and consequently probably far less transparent.

With a far right President and a stacked supreme court, the American wealthy will think all their birthdays have come at once.


OFF TOPIC: from The Huffpost Australia today: 14 October


It was all well underway before covid came along, but I do think covid has particularly highlighted the fact that the super rich is not closely tied to economic fortunes of the vast majority.

Again highlighting that trickle down economics does not work. (If it did, the good fortune for the people with all the money would have helped out everyone else.)

“A report by Swiss bank UBS found that billionaires increased their wealth by more than a quarter (27.5%) at the height of the crisis from April to July”

The very rich live in a different economy mostly separated from the economy of the vast majority.

Just another advantage of being a billionaire, global pandemic is only going to make you substantially richer as wealth continually concentrates to the few.