I'am all for random fun!

As long as its appropriate and consensual in nature.

Who decide(s) what is appropriate?

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@RichardtheRaelian doesn’t answer questions take a look at his profile, his posts are usually in a three day spread, though sometimes longer, and he drops in, releases another vapplatitude that is vaguely in line with the thread topic.

He doesn’t debate, and doesn’t answer questions. and I have failed to fathom what he gets from this, but am open to ideas if anyone has any? If it’s trolling then it’s of a subtle almost imperceptible kind I’ve never seen.

His first post was to welcome @paulsharry23 to the forum, odd enough for a first post, but more ironically @paulsharry23 has only ever posted twice, and @RichardtheRaelian’s welcome post was 113 in that thread, responding to post number 6, and the thread had been dormant for 2 months at that point, and the post he responded to was 18 months old.

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Yes. But regardless, questions like the one asked should not stand unchallenged.