I will never understand it

Keep us informed.

I was thinking about her today.

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as was I, and also thinking of Mr Macabre. Hang in there mate.

Well, it’s good news, and it may be bad news. The first thing they needed to do was remove the tube that they used to try and drain the cyst with last week. They were able to do it without any major bleeding.
Then they went after the cyst and the 2 tumors next, and they were able to remove both tumors, but they couldn’t remove the cyst because it was wrapped around her pituitary.
She was in the operating room for almost 7 hours, but she was waking up in the ICU as well as can be expected I guess.
They have no idea how much damage there is to her pituitary gland. They’re going to start testing her for any signs of diabetes immediately, along with everything else.
All they can do is “monitor” the cyst to see if it gets any bigger, they can’t remove it without causing more damage.
The good news is she survived the operation, but for right now, they don’t know how much damage has been done.
My family members have been saying PTL and thanking their god for getting her through this, I’m thanking the doctors and nurses who’ve been taking care of her this whole time.
Go figure.


The latest update we’ve received didn’t tell us very much, makes me wonder. They did the operation through her nose, fucking unbelievable what doctor’s can do now.
She’s bleeding a little at the moment, and has to breathe through her mouth all of the time for a couple of days. If she coughs or sneezes, it wouldn’t be good.
If she’s dealing with any of the complications like blindness or diabetes, they haven’t told us anything yet.
This is a lot of shit for a 7 year old.


I’m so happy she pulled through the initial surgery. It takes time to assess any negatives from the tumours, removal (?), etc. She’ll need to be “recovered”…

It’s a step by step process and it sounds like she has a great medical team.

It’s difficult to imagine what her life may be because of the condition (and still pituitary situation), however, she’ll adapt. There are amazing programs, teaching, supports for the blind.

Again, glad she’s in recovery ❤️‍🩹


I agree with Whitefire, look at this situation one step at a time. The most important first step was that she survived the operation. Actually, the first step was that she survived long enough for that operation.

Many times I have recounted what happened to me in 2010, an operation gone wrong, a second emergency surgery to fix the first problem and keep me alive (which also involved installing an external ileostomy bag). I had to suffer through a lot of procedures, I had to endure a third operation to correct what the second operation had to do ( re-plumb my intestines and remove the bag).

Yes, it was long and painful, yes it changed my life forever and I now have restrictions on my lifestyle.

But none of that, absolutely none of that compares to the simple fact I am alive.

Would I be willing to suffer ten more of those agonizing months and operations, heck, a hundred, a thousand operations just to remain alive?

Fuck yes.


Thank you for your responses, this really makes me wish there was something we could do to help, but all we can do is wait. And thank the doctors and nurses who’ve helped keep her alive through all of this.
She’s going to be in the hospital for a long time.


Yep, that’s who showed up to take care of her and it is important that we emphasize those realities when we talk to others about a situation like yours. I don’t even give people a chance to start up with their sky- daddy bullshit.
Try to hang on brother. It is very hard to watch these little ones go through something like this. I will not digress into my own situation with a granddaughter, and just let it suffice to say that I can truly empathize with what you are going through.

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Yesterday I went to my optician. After his examination he told me I had cataracts and eventually needed surgery. I suspect my response surprised him because most balk at the idea of having anyone doing anything to their eyeballs. I told him, “Then when you decide it is time, schedule the procedure. I trust you guys, the professionals, more than myself for such decisions.”

@mr.macabre13 You know, I know, most in here know that hard working and well educated medical professionals are the true heroes and the ones responsible.


Yeah David I had the surgery several years ago and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Great surgeon gave me back my vision, and in fact improved my distance vision making glasses unnecessary for the first time since I was six years old.


A touch of skepticism is never a bad thing.
Except for the part about doctors performing unnecessary surgeries, I would agree. A sad truth in the modern world but many are blinded by the bottom line, $$$

I don’t know which is worse, having a granddaughter who was stillborn and never got the chance to live, or having a daughter have to endure this much shit and possibly suffer several side effects for the rest of her life.
I have no idea how our nephew and his wife are dealing with this, it’s completely fucked up.

The latest update we’ve gotten from my sister-in-law was that Isa’s kidney function numbers are all over the place, and until they can get her stabilized, she’ll stay in the ICU.
We haven’t heard whether or not she’s still legally blind, or if she’s completely lost her eyesight, her kidneys are the main problem right now.
If god can’t/won’t help her, why the hell did he do this to her in the first place? What possible reason could there be for doing this to a 7 year old?
I fucking hate religion.


None, its completely insane to think that something would INTENTIONALLY inflict this upon another being. It is madness to assume that this would be something planned and was decided on by one single entity of its own intent. If something exists, it would be the epitome of a god that is a serial killer. The fact it would have to make a CHOICE to do this, would lead me to believe this is the choice that brings it the most joy. With unlimited power, why would you CHOOSE to do something you didn’t enjoy? If truly something is all powerful and bows to nothing and has no fear of repercussions of any kind, why would it do anything that didn’t amuse it? To me it is incomprehensible to believe such absurdity.


Notice! (‘Bad Cog Bad Cog Down Down Bad Cog’) The voices in my head just won’t let me go there… Just hang in there and we can blast the inane stupidity of the faithful on another day.


Understanding is easy. It’s mirroring, joining the cult, that is incomprehensible.

I’m with Cog on this. Biting my tongue until it bleeds. If a god like that were to truly exist, then the things I have to say about it are best left for another day. They will do nothing to help that child right now. And it is perplexing beyond words how so many religious folks are not able to comprehend the simple/basic logic of how insanely despicable their god truly is (if it actually existed).

Mr.Mac, hang tough. I know it’s difficult, and I know it can be maddening. But maintain your calm as much as possible when around the “God-is-great” praying faithful. As usual, we are here if/when you need to vent.


Take it a bit at a time. Get through each hour and changes that come up with her health.

The little one, is most likely “comfortable” (drugs, and unconscious). The pain is with those on the outside, the parents and family that are powerless and watching.

It’s of little consolation but the patient in these severe situations isn’t suffering as much as we imagine as the observer.

My heart goes out to the parents and yourself and all those that care for her. It really sucks going through medical emergencies and recovery.


We got another update last night, and it doesn’t sound good. Isa started going “backwards” yesterday in her recovery according to her doctors. They’re going to do another MRI today to try and see if the cyst is changing or getting bigger, and to see if they missed any of the tumors attached to it.
Obviously not something we wanted to hear.
I wonder how her little sister is doing with all of this shit happening to their family.

I want to wish your young relative, and my grandson the best outcome possible. This is a hard time for us and I’m sure it is for you and yours.

My comfort zone is at least today they have some real chance. Medical SCIENCE gives me a chance for real fact based hope. This is much more palliative feeling then hoping for a miracle from a god that supposedly caused or knew this was coming anyway.