I’ve never quite understood…

If we are made in god’s image, why aren’t we invisible?

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I never quite understood…

  • If God is all-knowing and, therefore, already knows all my thoughts and needs, why did I have to pray to him?

  • If God loves me and is omni-benevolent, why must I have to fear him?

  • Rape, murder, pillage, plunder, and commit any number of other such heinous acts that cause immeasurable harm to others, and the Loving Lord would gladly forgive you if you ask. However, make one insulting remark against God, and you’ll find yourself on the express elevator to hell and eternal torture.


Soooooo many things about the christian god that make no sense, where to start?
How about the only way this wise, all knowing god could find to forgive the flawed beings he’d created was to have his only son live among us and be tortured to death? WTF?


Well according to the earliest ‘christians’ the son was adopted so pretty much disposable, plenty more where that one came from.


Why did we need billions of years of evolution before we were a reflection of the image of a deity?

Why would a deity use billions of years of evolution only to produce one species of one great ape that reflected it’s own image?

What are we to think about a deity whose image shares most of it’s DNA with gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos, gibbons, and orangutans. If it doesn’t have DNA then in what way are evolved humans made entirely from DNA “made in it’s image”?

If this deity is infallible, omniscient, omnipotent and omnibenevolent, then in what way are we “made in its image”?

If we, like all living things, have evolved alongside diseases that can infect and afflict us, how does this suggest we are “made in the image of” a deity, can it get sick feel human emotions, pain, anger sorrow, can it be petty and stupid, ignorant and superstitious as we can? Does it have sexual desires?


Well, it is indeed narcissistic and egotistical and misogynistic. And by its own admission it is jealous and wrathful, indicating a sense of insecurity. Oh, and let’s not forget sadistic and homicidal. So, while most folks may not be “made in his image”, I have certainly known a few over the years who DO exhibit godly behavior.


Almost as if the characteristics are being projected onto it from ancient humans, it seems more plausible that humans create deities in their image, than the other way around.

Indeed, and then projected that onto a deity they’ve imagined. You have hit the nail on the head.

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