I need some tech help please

Hey, it’s MR. MACABRE here, I had to create a new account because my wife and I are just starting to use the new I-MAC computer our son got for us to replace our ancient laptop. I’m already computer retarded as it is, but I could use some help if someone would be so kind and pass on their knowledge to an idiot like myself.
Can anyone tell me, in the most dumbed down way possible, how to take photos from my new e-mail/photos file and put them on this/any forums? Or onto an e-mail?
Our son showed me how to put photos onto an e-mail a few days ago, but I’ve already forgotten how to do it.
My wife is on her computer at work all day, but this new I-MAC isn’t what she’s used to, so any help would be appreciated.
If I’m not able to print those instructions when/if someone is able to explain them to me, then I’ll write them down so I won’t forget how to do it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I would love to help you, Mr.Mac, but I’m afraid my computer knowledge is likely even less than yours. :joy: Be patient, though. No doubt there is somebody on here who can help.

Thanks, hopefully someone will take pity on me and show me how to do it.

Sorry. I’d help, but I’m not in the habit of doing unto others as I might have them do unto me.

If you have a request that I DON’T do something for you, I’d be happy not to do it.

(I honestly don’t have an answer for your question - and the above is not personal. I’m just grinding my gears over another topic on this board. Making a point of sorts …)

In other words, Mr.Mac, if you want Ratty to do something for you, ask him not to do it, and he will then be happy to not do what you asked him to do. Figured I’d translate that for you since I have become rather fluent in Rat-speak over the last few years.

Whenever I want to learn something like that I generally hit YouTube. There is probably a video on it. The internet is sure to have instructions someplace. Let’s see…

How to take photos from an email file and post them on this forum?

I would save them to my desktop, then load them from there. That’s what I do with most of the stuff I post. After I post it, it goes into a file. I am sure I could post from the file as well; however, that would be double dipping. I post one funny and don’t see the point in posting it over and over.

Above: How to do it using “mail”

look for the paper clip icon in your browser, click on it, goto the file where you have your photographs, select a pic or multiple pics, click “open”. Presto ready to email. .

For this site select the picture icon (7th from left) click on it, follow the instructions.