I learned something disgusting today

This is an archaic, antiquated way of writing English. If you read material from the 1600’s and 1700’s, writers seemed to use capital letters for emphesis in a way that seems similar to how we might use italics. I’ve also seen this style of writing from people who learn English as a 2nd language late in life, as some other languages use a style similar to this, and they unconsciously carry this style of writing into written English.

In written Spanish, some things that we capitalize in English are actually written in lower case, so written Spanish uses less capitalization than written English.

It’s an interesting topic.

If you see below, there’s an interesting blurb on it, and how all nouns used to be capitalized, which was a practice derived from German.


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Except that now we have more shark attacks overall around the world because now sharks expect food when they see humans. They are wild animals, disturbing a top their predator in its ecosystem and coaching them into behavior that is dangerous and add in a financial incentive. Sounds like a dangerous game of how can owners push profits by cutting safety. How does capitalism curb this without a socialistic intervention?


But…but…great white sharks are :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: cuddly wuddly fishes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:, you can dive with them and they like a nice cuddle! Everybody/everyfish just love a good cuddle :heart:! Just look:

(screenshot from this video)

But yeah. Leave them wild animals in the wild.


fish food on Make a GIF

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Seriously, I am disturbed by people’s behaviors with wild animals. The internet has made it far worse in my opinion.

Take a vacation, put it on a credit card, pay 32% interest, burn an ass load of jet fuel to stay at a resort on an island you are probably unwelcome on. So you can take pictures with sharks. Then you can post it on your social media accounts and make advertisers lots of money!!! All while telling yourself your marriage isn’t failing dude to your side hustle delivering Uber eats to afford your overpriced apartment rent in the perfect suburb you always dreamed of owning a home in. That’s the American capitalist way!!!

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I’ve been to Yellowstone National Park many times, and often see idiot tourists approaching the wildlife to take selfies or even attempt to pet or feed them. Bison and bears are not cuddly and these people often get gored, stomped, or bitten.


That is just demonstrably wrong:
Religions are responsible for the inquisition. (Educate yourself and go find out about this period of history.) Torture, witch burnings. random acts of murder, superstitions, and more. All products of belief in supernatural bullshit.

Let’s visit the good Christians of Nigeria who shove metal spikes into the heads of their children or pour boiling water over the heads of the kids whom some preacher has professed to be possessed of demons. Nigerian Children Deemed Witches Tortured - CBS News

I love it, pouring acid down a kid’s throat is a new one to me. Is there no end to the atrocity a good person will not commit when convinced by religion that they are in a demon-haunted world and doing their God’s good work? I think not. You are demonstrably wrong. And if you resort to the bullshit, “Well, they are not real Christians,” you are blind and ignorant as well.


I don’t have a valid counter-argument to your points, and I believe that you are–after all–Australian . . . so you’re more aquainted with the situation than I am.

Still, I think the shark tourism industry is better than fishing them into extinction, and no solution is perfect. I have heard that many Australian beaches have shark safety nets, although I also acknowledge that this must be very expensive.

And I also agree that the hottie model Ocean Ramsey is conditioning large sharks to be comfortable around people by free diving with them . . . and that this can only end badly.

We have a similar idiot here in Florida and the Bahamas who cultivates “relationships” with tiger sharks.

See below:

I am–myself–certified as a recreational SCUBA diver, and I have seen large sharks and other predators (such as barracuda) on several occasions. I have never felt threatened, but I don’t interfere with them. I appreciate them from a distance, I don’t try to pet them or entice them with food, and I don’t wear reflective watches or jewelery that might arouse their interest. I also don’t dive where people are fishing (because of bait and chum in the water), and I practice situational awareness at all times.

I think it’s only a matter of time before Ocean Ramsey gets her beautiful ass bitten off, and then she’ll have no one to blame but herself.

Ah, now I see why you have visited so often…:face_with_peeking_eye:


That was most likely the Donald J Trump bible. Did it have a forward declaring it the most excellent bible ever written? Or, its what cog said about the relationship between education and the use of upper case letters. Oh wait, I’m sure I heard that Trump is a genius and highly intelligent as well didn’t he attend Harvard or one of those Ivy League Uni’s. Sorry @Cognostic even logical theories can be dead wrong before they get a chance to be proven right.

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Trump is not only a genius, he’s a stable genius.

He went to the University of Pennsylvania, which is an Ivy League school. Before that he attended Fordham University for two years.

He had his fixer, Michael Cohen, send letters to every school he attended warning them not to release his grades or SAT scores under threat of legal action.

Trump claimed he graduated first in his class from Penn, but since he didn’t graduate with honors, that’s impossible, but it’s a typical Trump lie.


Repeat lies often enough, and people will believe them. When media exposes your lies, use the tried and tested method of referring to them as Lügenpresse (lying press).


No, American actually. From the oldest parts of this country.

I have nothing against scuba for the sake of exploration or entertainment. The issue becomes it being peddled by others as “look what I did” and it becomes a meaningless waste of energy and time just for a social media post because capitalism really has no guardrails to speak of in this regard.

That is why I see capitalism and socialism as two sides of the same coin.

Totally nuts. The only thing I find more disturbing is Russians and bears. Why are there so many videos online of Russians playing and feeding bears?

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I agree with you. This is beyond stupid . . . it is dangerous and foolhardy. When the bear finally does maul someone, it will be euthanized like it’s the animal’s fault.

There is a similar situation in Brazil where a family lives with tame tigers in the house. From what I understand, the husband divoraced from his wife and is suing for custody of the kids, as the children play with the tigers.

See below:


His argument is that this constitutes child endangerment (please note that I agree with him), while current Brazilian law is responsive rather than proactive when ajudicating child abuse.

From what I understand, the case is escalating through their court system.


Or in Trump parlance, fake news.

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Wow! Crazy. That kid in the woman’s lap (and the dog too) will eventually be chicken McNuggets to the tiger.

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Maybe, maybe not . . . but why take a chance?

When I was working in EMS, I had a partner who had a bobcat as a pet. He found it as an orphaned kitten, and raised it in a loving, noisy household with kids, pet dogs, etc…

This situation worked out fine for everybody. I got to know this cat, and he acted exactly like a tame, socialized housecat. He sat on my lap while my partner and were having a beer at his house after a difficult shift, and I saw his 7 year old daughter feeding this thing and playing with it with cat toys. This bobcat also slept in the bed with his daughter when they turned in at night.

And–as I said–there was never an issue, as this animal was very gentle and tolerant.

Perhaps it will be the same with the tigers, but why take a chance? I see this as irresponsible and disrespectful to the animal.

Does she need to go back and get a bigger boat?

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Yes that’s the difference between socialism and fascism they are two completely different ideological and political things .