I have a question

I have a question that would best be answered by any/all theists that aren’t afraid to visit this forum on a regular basis. It can also be answered by anyone(maybe) who doesn’t believe in any god/gods.
My wife and I rarely, if ever watch any of the crap on network TV. We watch a lot of documentaries on British history on youtube TV and Brit Box, but you still have to endure commercial breaks during the middle of whatever it is you’re watching.

There is one really irritating one that made me think of this question, are they using dead babies to sell toilet paper? The ad is for a US company that makes toilet paper that’s called “Angel Soft”, and the ad is really fucked up IMO. It’s an animated commercial that shows baby angels, still in diapers, flying around the factory to make sure that it’s “angel” soft and absorbent as well.

Where do these things come from, are they dead babies that their god has made into angels? Are all of the cherubs depicted in any/all theist artwork for the past few centuries just born again dead children/babies? It’s really fucked up when you think about it.


…(hanging my headtrying to stifle laughter)… Oh, lawdy! Never watched any of the commercials, but my wife and I have been using that brand of toilet paper for years… (still trying not to laugh)… :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: I’m so sorry, Mr. Mac! I simply couldn’t help it. I know, I know. I’m going to hell. (I swear I’m not making fun of your post. But my warped brain could not help but see a hilariously morbid irony in the commercial you described.)


LOL… I’d like to know how in the hell they determined Angels were Soft??? Now there is an enigma.


By all accounts Michael and Gabriel were pretty hard, I should think swords, armour and the odd herald’s trumpet would certainly cause a gasp or two as you wiped…and on reflection I would not countenance the “holy ghost” anywhere near any personal orifice…

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Marketing people and Sales people … in one form or another , the cause of nearly every abomination on the planet…

but there may be a solution … Bill Hicks did some research a few years ago…

Bill Hicks on Marketing (youtube.com)