I hate the evangelical God

This being is Evil - it doesn’t even make me honest or more moral! Ha…the irony :frowning: f*cking Antichrist neo-Nazi! This situation I’m in is a human rights violation at its worst! I’m not joking…this being is murdering me (it’s femicide)


Welcome to AR from sunny South Australia

I agree that YHWH is a monster. Make sense, gods always reflect the culture which invent them. YHWH was invented first as a petty war god. He was invented by an illiterate tribe of nomadic bronze age goat herders. Life would have ben nasty, brutal and short for those people. Hence their god was a nasty piece of work.

Now I don’t believe YHWH or any other god exists. This is because so far I have never seen any empirical evidence for such beings. Consequently, I don’t spend my time worry about them and what they might do to me.

I do not need superstitious beliefs to form my own morality.

Take responsibility for your decisions and actions, do not blame others.

If you truly desire to explore morality, Here is one starting point. I may not agree with Dillahunty, but this video is a good start.