I found Something as a deity

Someone in the Harry Potter world waved their wand and caused the Big Bang.


Um, We know where Harry Potter came from…

Just like the Bible it came from someone’s brain.

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No… The Bible Came from God. It is God’s Holy Written Word.

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We both know it came from a person’s brain.

We know creation was The Big Bang.

But thanks for the smile. LOL.

No No No… It was implanted into a person’s brain by God. God was the cause of the Big Bang.; You are just in denial. Everyone knows god is real. It is your sinful nature that is blocking you from seeing the truth. In your heart you know I am telling you the truth.

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…whose been in my private bin of uncured poppy seeds and left banana peel everywhere?..

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Try this:

There is no objective evidence that the bible’s origins are anything but human. Furthermore it is demonstrably errant, morally questionable by any objective human standard, inconsistent throughout, outright contradictory in parts, and bears all the hallmarks of human origins, which mirror the superstition, ignorance and prejudice of the archaic patriarchal male dominated societies from which it first emerged.

Don’t generalise, its sloppy, and don’t make sweeping claims to knowledge that you don’t have.

Avoid phrases like I/we know, or that include words like proven or proved.

Use the words evidence, and objective, cite specific flaws in the bible that contradict the unevidenced claim its origins are a divine omniscient omnipotent deity.

Do the leg work, and put in the effort. Let theists make sweeping unevidenced claims they can’t substantiate.

HA! There is no evidence that the origins of the bible are HUMAN. We have no original copies. We have no idea at all what they are. What we do know is that all the evidence asserts they are "GOD INSPIRED.’ Until you provide us with an original copy written by a human hand, you don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

George Carlin was a practical guy.

Below a clip ‘George the sun worshipper’ (because you can SEE the sun)

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I realise you’re playing devil’s advocate here, but you may have stepped on your tail with that one.


I’ll go are far as to say we can’t know the bible is entirely man made, as @anon14261619 claimed, but I wouldn’t say there is no evidence it is man made.

Ha! God inspired! Everyone knows that! The hand of man guided by god. The ink of the pen created by god. The paper for the pen designed by god. God is in all things and holds all things together. Colossians 1:17 Without god, the atoms themselves would not bond to one another.

The evidence IS there that the bible is entirely man made and that evidence is quite OVERWHELMING.

I recommend the book 101 Myths of the Bible: How Ancient Scribes Invented Biblical History
By Gary Greenberg

Nuff said.

And besides chimps don’t have tails long enough to tread on.

Head down, eyes up, look of puppy dog innocence, the same look White fell in love with.
Jeezus, save me, not even the strongest mind bleach is going to remove that from my head! Squaawking hell…evil pan troglodyte!

Haven’t read it, but will have a look . On the face of it, sounds like one of those ghastly YouTube lists of all kinds of things

For the history of Christianity, I Iike Dr Bart Ehrman (‘Misquoting Jesus’ and others) and Dr Richard Carrier. He has a lot of lectures on Youtube. Below is a link to ‘The Historicity of Jesus’ ( a mythicist perspective): Short version (33 minutes)

PS had a quick look on line. Found it. He lost me when he claimed the Torah is based on Egyptian mythology. Another one who doesn’t understand the difference between correlation and causation. Such a facile error does not bode well for the rest of his book. Carrier does a bit of this too,it’s annoying.

Me “Joe? Are you listening Joe??? I really need to talk, to ask you something…”

Interrupted by middle kid.

“What are you doing?”

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“I pray to a different Joe,” he says.

“Really, which Joe?”

“Joe mama!!! Hahahaha”. Leaves room proud of himself - he got me.

Hahaha I wouldn’t say the author really does that, at least not in a way that undermines the validity of the facts he presents.

Nonetheless, I was a bit skeptical myself at first, but trust me give it a chance, its name might sound a bit corny but it is a very academic treatise and all points are very well scrutinized.

Oh yes, at least that’s what people claim.