I CANNOT believe atheist lock ed my thread that ONLY listed the evidences given by scholars

shame on you that block evidences from expert scholars in the field of studies. what i listed was NOT ONE letter of what i said but what they said.

David, i am very very surprised you did that and am very disappointed that you BLATANTLY disregarded scholarship evidences without even analyzing.

that is really really going in the wrong direction when exchanging ideas. i am perfectly willing to change my worldview when any of you refute the evidences. why don’t you want to defend your worldview, do you not care about what you think

Well, I’m really disappointed that you keep demonstrating Munchhausen Trilemma and won’t meet your Burden of Proof. Go cry more.


@JC1432 I Locked that one thread and gave reason for my actions. You had many multiple arguments in just one post, and it would have immediately spiraled into utter chaos. I recommended that you post each argument one at a time, in distinct threads.

I shall give you a one week time-out to ponder your actions.


Changed to 24 hours.