I am so flabbergasted

So today my mom and i were just going to the doctor to get my ear checked. (I have hearing problem)

and it was so hot outside I just told my mom that “Mom its so hot outside I don’t think I can’t handle this” and it was like 45° degrees outside.

And she just said this: “astragfiuallah…because this is how Jannahnam works…” “If you prayed…this weather wouldn’t happened in the first place…” “if you didn’t pray, Allah would send you to hell where there’s everything filled with fire and Shaytaans friends.”

And then when we went back home, she told me “don’t touch the Quran if your on your period by the way, because your one of shaytaans friends and your now impure.” (I told her I have my period.)

ok so…all I did was tell her that it’s so hot outside…:man_standing:


mums can be very weird.


My sympathies, my mother told me god was going to kill her when I was a small child (no more than 4) unless I told her the truth about something “naughty” she claimed I had done. She still believes in a deity sadly, but given all she’s done for me, I have learned to forgive these little indiscretions.

FYI I now know that children don’t understand lying when they’re that age, so maybe I was ahead of the curve, though I do remember how horrified I was when she pretended god was taking her away, and I am not kidding. She says she has no recollection of it, and she did have three children and is now 84, but it made a lasting impression on me obviously. Next time someone says believing in god doesn’t harm anyone, don’t believe them.


OMFG!!! :laughing:
I grew up with that type of shit. Damn that brought back some shitty memories (dialogue a little different due to god idea).

I raised my kids with real answers. Even here it’s hot :hot_face:- NOT your “heat” but fucking hot! We’ve had some crazy wildfires.


I have a similar story. A few years back a lady friend I was seeing had a daughter who had started her period. My friend lived in the Philippines, and I am living in Korea.

I’m just going to list the issues.

  1. The girl began bleeding and every fucking adult in her life freaked out.
  2. The grandmother had her disrobe and use rags stuffed in her panties…
  3. The grandmother told her she could not shower for a week.
  4. I was in Korea and very limited in what I could do, but I lost my mind.
  5. I literally yelled at the mother, what in the fuck are you doing allowing a superstitious old witch to dictate what goes on with your daughter?

The results…

  1. I told the mother to go out and buy cake and ice cream and celebrate. Tell her daughter that she was a woman now.
  2. I told her to immediately go to the store and introduce her to pads. (They do not sell tampons in the Philippines. It’s a Catholic nation.)
  3. I told her to let the girl take as many fucking showers as she wanted and while she was taking those showers to show her how easily blood can be washed from panties.
  4. Finally show her how to dispose of the pads correctly.

One week later, 2 female body books arrived in the mail. ‘Teenage Body Book’ One for her and one for her cousin who was 2 years younger. ‘Everything you want to know about the female body but were afraid to ask.’ I was rewarded when the little girl took her book to school and shared it with her friends. The teacher got hold of the book and lucky for the school, the teacher thought the book was fucking amazing. She had never seen anything like it. (They don’t sell books like these in the Philippines.)

Finally, I got the girl on the phone, who understands broken English, with mom translating, and had her laughing her ass off at the old backwards thinking grandma. And after the conversation, she knew not to pay attention to the nutjob. If she had any problems, she was to send me a text message. I congratulated her and told her to take as many showers as she neede. I went through the whole business of everything being natural and normal. I gave the standard explanations, and told her if she had questions she could ask her mom or send me a note. I hung up the phone on a happy little girl who had just reached womanhood. But didn’t feel real comfortable as she lived with a fucking religitard and a mom who did not initially stand up for her. I think mom had been fed the same shit when she was a little girl and just thought that was how it was done. Fuck that shit. Not on my watch. I ranted, long distance for over an hour.


Thank you. I raised my boys understanding a woman’s period and there is absolutely no shame attached to the body reaching maturity. I never wanted my guys to not understand their future friends/girlfriend/wife’s physical differences or fall into lies or misunderstandings.


I remember when the book, “Our Bodies, Ourselves: A Book by and for Women” was published in the mid 70s. It was SUCH a revelation to so many people!


Apparently in some countries, religious really means “backwards”. Tell the old bat to mind her own business.


haha, seems like this is not just my household issue, but somewhere or the other all go through similar experience.

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