I Am Not Able To Delete My Account

If it was an option I would have deleted myself after that last post.

So please just delete my account Ops and Admins.

Thanks And Goodbye.

@Hadmin Could you please delete the account of @anon14261619? The sooner the better. Thanks.

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lol if they don’t delete your account you won’t stop coming here and whining like a little bitch. Grow a pair. Take your dick in your hand and be a man. They call everyone out on their bullshit. You just can’t take any criticism. You have no spine.

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Automatically gets rejected by every invertebrate in the world :rofl: :sweat_smile: :rofl: :sweat_smile:

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@anon14261619 There is no need to go public and make a drama out of this. If you have sent me a private message, I would have accommodated your wish.

Your account will be closed, and if you desire to return to this forum (and the door is closed, but not locked) send the forum owner an email.