How/where do i get started?

Since I’m completely outnumbered due to being the only atheist in a family of devout believers, I’m actually thinking about trying to start my own local atheist group. Before covid became an issue, I was attending a gathering of local atheists once a month.
I may have done this for about a year, and I wasn’t really impressed. There were a few regulars besides myself, but they were mostly older people who seemed like they were there because they were bored and didn’t have much to say.
This is where I was introduced to Matt Dillahunty and the ACA’s YouTube channel. I watch them everyday while I’m making and eating my lunch and while I’m making dinner. As soon as my wife get’s home from work, I have to turn it off.
What I’m wondering though, is where do I start? What is involved, or what would be the best way to try something like this?
Since Skagit Atheists was all old, bored senior citizens, I want to include more than just fellow atheists. I’d like to include anyone that considers themselves a Satanist, or a horror fan or fans of both black and death metal. Basically the kinds of people I see every time I get to go to a concert.
I’m not sure where/how to advertise something like this, or where we would be able to meet, it would have to be a public area like a restaurant space or a hall for rent maybe.
These are all things I need to figure out and investigate first. The rules would be simple, no assholes, attitudes, politics, or drugs and booze. Just a way to hang out and talk about movies, books, music, Satanism, atheism, anything.
Any words of wisdom from anybody? Is it even worth trying this, or would an internet site make more sense? I’m open to any suggestions.

I used this a few years ago to start a group for people who meet once every two weeks to argue about things. Anything. Just arguing with each other for an hour or so.

There were interested and attending members in under a month. YMMV.

'Local – ‘Meet Up’ Anyone can start a group. Start simple and feel the waters ‘Free Thought’ get more specific if warranted. ‘Atheist Meet up.’ Describe it exactly as you have, set up a meeting place, and see if anyone shows up. Meetup—20 years of real connections For communities that last

See if anyon is doing Meet Ups in your area. Advertizing is everything. Put flyers up in places where you think you may attract your demographic.

Skagit, such a beautiful valley.

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Start volunteering here:

Yup, we’ve lived here for almost 30 years now.

Why - what the fuck for? There is only one thing atheists have in common. What else do you want to add to that?

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