How to support Christians afraid of becoming a monster once they leave faith?

Does that mean the infected have to pay, or is it covered by your public health Insurance (is here)

Mum and Shops? Do you mean like delis or small shops of all kinds?

What used to be called ‘Delis’ or ‘Convenience stores’ Sold things like bread, milk, cigarettes, newspapers, ice cream and Cold cuts, plus a bunch of other things. Very few left here in South Australia. The gas stations have taken that business because they no longer do repairs. Very expensive.

They tend to be owned by supermarket chains. When you buy groceries of $30 or greater, you a discount voucher printed on your receipt. The discount is 4 cents a litre. We also have a petrol price cycle during the week. In my area, the price of petrol presently varies from 69 cents litre to as low as 24 cents litre.

I hate using those fucking vouchers as well as constant changes to prices. I checked, it’s not illegal, it’s just marketing strategy.

Because alcohol may not be sold in supermarkets (or delis) the major supermarkets also own the bigger liquor store chains. Usually situation close to as supermarket. They have discount wars. It’s only of academic interest to me because I stopped drinking in 2002.

Monopolies are technically illegal here, but for some strange reason, oligopolies are not. So we have 2 major chains (Plus Aldi only recently). Same with soap products; many brands, but only two major producers. The degree to which they effect the market is arguable.

I like to believe I am empathic and sensitive to others, but I feel zero sympathy for those mentioned in the video. Why? Because they have caused many to believe their BS, and many have died.

A secondary effect is that they have tied up the medical system, and those in need of attention and elective surgeries have been delayed. More suffering and death for conditions not connected to Covid.

Covid is nasty, those who die, die alone and in agony, Their families and loved ones can only look on, at best from behind a pane of glass.

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I fear there may always be some residual guilt when leaving your former religion. I of all people know how easy it is for guilt to change into a demonic self-perception.

I think it’s a lot about having the ability to distance yourself from belief in the supernatural. The ability to stop yourself from thinking you’re evil, horrible for abandoning god is all about your capability and capacity to embrace rational thought.

You’re not what your religious brain thinks you are. A monster is hardly rational, and if you’re capable of rational thought, that means you are taking a big step away from being a monster.

This is just possibly simplistic verbiage on my part, but maybe it could help one person in a million.


Oh absolutely. The trick is to ignore vestigial Catholic guilt.

I have been a recovering Catholic for just over 56 years. Guilt still rears its head from time to time.


I am so sorry. I’ve heard of that phenomenon before and I can only imagine what it feels like. The church itself has so much to answer for so it infuriates me to no end that they should indoctrinate their flock with self-imposed guilt.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses do the same thing with their members. Part of their doctrine is that if you don’t report your sins you’re actually hurting the congregation you’re in.

I think it’s kind of ironic though that a lot of Catholics do accept evolution. Part of me thinks the church is playing a game of confusion in order to control the masses or something.


Evolution is accepted by the Catholic church and is taught in catholic schools. We were also taught that the book of genesis at least is allegory and not meant to be taken literally.

The guilt I still sometimes experience is never extreme, more like a niggle.


Indigenous person talking to missionary; “Now let’s get this straight; You’re saying if I do all the things you’ve said, I’ll go to heaven”

Missionary “Yes, that’s quite right”

Indigenous person " Mkay. What if you had never come to convert us?"

Missionary: " Oh, you’d still go to heaven"

Indigenous person “So why have you bothered?” :innocent:


Ah okay. Apologies. I wasn’t sure how widely it was taught.

No need to apologise. My own knowledge is limited in, well, everything really. It’s only a matter of degree.