How to start a community for irreligious folks in Egypt?

I am an Egyptian exmuslim and I recently made a subreddit for Egyptian exmuslims to share ideas, discuss issues in general (r/ExEgypt) and I also made a Twitter page for this subreddit in order to reach out the fellow heathens there but I still feel like it is not enough. I have this much disgust in me that I can’t do more about anything to help make the people feel less alone and tell them that despite all these things we are surrounded by from a failing economy and no human rights that there is still hope. I myself am honestly losing hope for this country but the thing is that I want to find a way for at least making any change before I die or at least inspire someone to come and make this change after I die but I don’t know what should be done and how I should be going about this and not knowing makes me feel more useless because there isn’t a definite path towards freedom. We need to construct it somehow.

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I do not know much about the situation in Egypt, but having presence on social media should definitely attract attention.
Egypt has strict anti-blasphemy laws from what I gather, so atheists have to be extra careful on social media. This means that it might take time, a lot of time, for you to gather a good following.
While I don’t know exactly how to help you just yet, I would say that you should really think through whatever you plan on for the future.

Double check everything. There could be many undercover theists on sites like the ones you mentioned.
Don’t get hasty. What you hope for would, without doubt, include a complete overthrowing of the current form of government you have. That’s a huge change for the overwhelming majority of the people.
Study up on historical movements, this is most important. You should know what to expect and how to go about something like this in ways that don’t punch you in your face.

I realize this wasn’t too helpful on the matter…please tell me if I’ve said something wrong. Hope you find what you’re looking for, and eventually the freedom you seek.

Ironically - these happen around “mistakes”. Lol!

A quiet undercurrent of thought, suppressed (so it goes away) - and boom :boom:

The Berlin Wall is a great example!

Absolutely hilarious :rofl:

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Lol that’s so cool
Small things massive consequences :laughing:

First of all, I’d like to thank you for taking the time and responding to my thread and I’m well aware of how inexistant freedom of speech is but the thing is that I’m tired of just sitting there and doing nothing. I just don’t seem to be able to accept it anymore. I feel like I need to do something, anything. Building online communities doesn’t make me feel satisfied enough as it doesn’t really do anything honestly in a bigger scale.

I wish I could help you. Politics isn’t exactly my forte; let’s leave this here and see if you get any suggestions. Stay safe.

How “educated” are you within your country? Do you have access to higher education? To enact things legally, these need to be challenged legally…and “outside” organizations (like Amnesty International, etc - depending on the various particular change you want to enact) may be good resources and allies.

Now - if you have your mind set on some form of “swooping, all encompassing change…” Hahahaha - THOSE are rare, have decades of build up and are devastating to the society until recovered AND then that society will have a tendency to slip BACK to the “way things were”.

Real change in society has to evolve… when thrust on a people it takes about 2 generations of brainwashing propaganda and severe penalties for non-compliance to get a society under control.

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