How’s the Covid vaccination 💉 going in your area?

For fuck’s sake!!! Jesus fuckin’Christ! Idiots… almost 1.5 years of information and more information and still these dipshit run around with their fucked up “flat earth, creationist” intelligence level. Mostly I ignore BUT my area has so many of these fuck-ups that they are running a lottery provincially (carrot to lead the jack-asses)…


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Based on the 1st posts reasoning I’m thinking :thinking:… I’m about this close 🤏🏻 TO LIGHTING UP MY SMOKE IN A RESTAURANT after my meal :shallow_pan_of_food: and letting the shit hit the fan!

Allow myself to get charged and make a big media play using the same arguments the fucktards have been using about “freedoms during a pandemic” :mask:

From my perspective, the politicians have made a dog’s breakfast of the vaccinations. It is disorganized, confusing, and vaccine locations and “who gets it” are constantly changing.

I got my first shot, and the experience where I got it was calm, organized, and controlled. IMO this is where the politicians have no say and can not interfere. The medical professionals organized what was going on inside the vaccination clinics.

This entire pandemic has been a cluster-fuck from day one, the politicians have made a mess of it. When the world went into lockdown, I did not get any relevant information from the politicians on the Covid itself, I had to research on the internet.

Personally, I noticed a change in my perspective after my shot. Up to that point, I thought everything was a complete mess. But experiencing what went on inside the actual vaccine clinic, I began to say to myself, " we are getting this under control".

The politicians have fucked up the businesses too.

Supports$$& not bad (relief funds etc :canada:) - even in Conservative Alberta.

Where they dropped the ball was supporting the big chains (wal-marts) and hitting the small businesses (closed) EVEN though smaller businesses can and do follow the guidelines. Or outside activities! Closed.

*Cough cough!! *Sniffle! People get it, people panic, but I am just not concerned. I just live my life. Being an introvert, the virus and the restrictions on travel or going out at night etc… has has a minimal effect on my life. I am content to sit here and type.

My big outings are late night fishing and hiking. Both activities that I do alone. I went out for a stake dinner the other day. A friend visited from out of town. It was a really nice steak and prepared correctly; however, the price was insane… $100 for just one steak dinner, drinks not included. (I don’t drink.) Still the price is insane and if I did drink, a simple mixd drink is $20. House wine is selling at $13 per glass. (You know they only fill the bottom of the glass.) But that’s the entiraty of my social life…

Outside of masturbating to White’s doggie pics… I have a non-existence existence outside of work. Work is absolute chaos, and it gives me enough human contact that when the weekend comes, I want no more.

I am going to court next month to find out the conclusion of my lawsuit against the previous company I worked for. The company paid me partial salaries for about a year. I am suing for the balance, $10,000. Another employee of the company (a friend) just won his case. I expect to win mine as well. It seems like a sure thing.

well ----- That’s my live under the Covid 19

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Me too.

While many were running around in a panic, I did my research, learned the facts, and the wife and I decided on a plan of action. We faithfully followed the safe practices of distancing, masking, gloves, and washing our hands a LOT.

And when the vaccines finally came out, we sat back patiently, with the understanding that we had already survived an entire year and rushing was not the appropriate action. While others were scrambling to get their shot as soon as possible (standing in line for hours, traveling to other communities), we sat still, watched it all unfold, and waited for the initial rush to pass.

Unfortunately, some of those who were vaccinated perished because of the AstraZeneca allergic issues. And the Johnson and Johnson has proven to be a big bust. And now, since those products are flawed, people are now mixing and matching. First shot AZ, next Moderna or Pfizer. They do not realize that they are the beta testers, who knows how safe this practice is.

I see the same behavior I have witnessed when bad snow storm hits us. In good weather people politely stand in line for the bus, and act with patience and calm. But when the shit hits the fan, people suddenly rush the doors and act like fools.


Same here in Ontario and Toronto. Small businesses are suffering badly, while the big box chain stores are open. And since many big box stores are perched just outside of city limits, a lot of people travel up to them for shopping. And naturally, those regions have suffered the highest rates of infection.

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I live the rural life and the boys homeschooled. The oldest has written and passed his diploma exams (and the exam itself is the only “grade” that counts, lol - no advantage to past papers or tests or understanding (teacher grading) :woman_shrugging:t2: BUT that was our choice). So contact with others is minimal. Covid restrictions has effected us minimally.

I too waited, not rushed, for the first vaccine dosing. I’m not mixing my second dose. I’ve read up and try to keep abreast.

Never sanitized a fucking thing I brought home from the grocery store (mind you I don’t live with really old people). Wear the mask, distance…

Supported locally in as many ways possible and avoided the big chains and Amazon purchases. Didn’t hoard :roll_of_toilet_paper:

If I had gotten it - or get it… “se la vie”

As of today (17/06) just over 11% of Australians have been vaccinated or partly vaccinated according to some source of Reuters.

Was advised by a General Practitioner I saw last night that I could request the Pfizer vaccination over the Astra Zeneca, but I would need to wati until September at least for new supplies to arrive. Seems most of our stock has been used up in the state of Victoria who are dealing with the Indian Delta variant and despite new outbreaks cropping up they are lifting lock down restrictions there. Meanwhile on my side of the border in NSW there are constant alerts to high risk infection locations across the state…most recent information suggests the Delta has arrived here…there is a new and growing outbreak in the trendy beachside area of Eastern Sydney…meanwhile in my sand and surf suburb further north of the city, me and my gal are still the only ones wearing masks…life goes on…

Same in Oz.

Because I’m a senior, I had my first shot over a month ago. Next shot is in July.

The politicians her have made pig’s breakfast of vaccinations. Too often the case when politicians are left in charge of anything important.

I won’t ravetoo much about the monumental fuck up of our billions dollar Fibre Optics National Broadband System. All I’ll say is I have fibre to the house instead of to the node and am considered very lucky. The ISP sell from 50 to 200 mbps and call it fast. My speed is typically 47 mbps down and up about 18.up. I pay $74 a month.

What does broadband cost others ,and what speed? I’m very curious.

Currently I am paying Iinet for NBS service at $70 a month for an average of 25Mpbs and unlimited downloads which suits my online needs fine. I have no complaints yet with their tech people who are pretty good, the office and accounts people need public floggings and remedial lessons in English.

That seems to be the average for a reliable server in Oz. I’ve tried cheaper ones and found them to be hopeless.EG buffering when streaming Netflix

I’m wondering what people pay in other countries and for what speeds.

I am guessing we are about to be disappointed learning what services other countries have. The Libs wanted their ‘private enterprise’ to handle telecommunications, so they stuffed up the Labor broadband plan, but we as such a small market we arent going to attract cheaper rates or better service.

We are at about 5Mbps. Pay $150 month (rural life) sigh.

Waiting for Netflix to finish buffering and interrupt program to buffer and … oh yah, YouTube to load.

Gotta stick the floppy disk in :floppy_disk:
For green screen

I pay about $20 a month and never turn off my computer. The one at home is sleeping now.

I’m surprised, given your remote location in the Canadian wilderness, that you have moved on from tin cans and string.

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We were forced.

Shitty service.


Farrrrk! That’s pretty bad. But, looking back; on my first account I had dial up; bandwidth was 56kbps, 10GB a month, for $25. Next was ADSL; about the same cost, bandwidth of 1.5 Mbps, 200 GB a month. But, I live a long way from the exchange so my speeds were very slow.

The good news; I use my mobile phone mainly, but have a VOIP account as a backup. That costs $A1.65 a month plus calls. Hardly use it for calls, so it’s very cheap to have.

PS Speaking of Canadian rural life: Currently re watching Anne Of green Gables with Megan Follows. A nice, pleasant experience. I suspect the way of life on nineteenth century king Edward island may have possibly been a smidge romanticised.

Spent a couple of great holidays on Salt Spring Island BC. Of course that was before it was discovered by the trendoids.

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I pay £24.99 / month, download speed is around 43 mbs. A decent boost from the 1 mbs Sky had settled at for same price.

Had my second AstraZeneca vaccination last Saturday. No symptoms at all this time. I had a mild over night fever after the first shot.

The rollout in the UK has been impressively fast tbh, one of the few things we seem to have gotten absolutely right.

Delta variant may yet delay coming out of lockdown. I’ve lost my job of course, as aviation has been adversely affected.

Oh, and some people are selfish cunts, don’t get me started on panic buying and hoarders, and I think the govt ought to have brought out laws against profiteering, which was fucking shameful.

Like others here I’ve taken sensible precautions when I can, but just quietly laughed at the sheer panicking bollocks some idiots were indulging, like having a 10 minute hissy fit in Tesco, because someone came 1.99 meters from you, as if it was the fucking Black death, not a highly virulent flu variant.

People is dumb…


K’innel, just saw what some other posters are paying for broadband, yikes…

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Here in New Zealand the vaccination program seems to be moving forward fairly efficiently. Most medical workers, police, etc., and the elderly have already had two injections. My wife and I had our second Pfizer jabs about a month ago. We both felt a few aches and pains for a day or so, but that could have been the cold weather. They’re getting ready to start vaccinating the general population.

I’ve been very surprised at the incredible inefficiency of Japan’s vaccine roll-out. The Olympics are just a few weeks away, but they’ve still only done a few percent. Their infection rate is very low at present (less than 2,000 infections, 80 deaths/day in a country of 120 million), but there has been major disruption. When the government finally got it’s arse into gear and launched a mass-vaccination program, the telephone/online booking systems weren’t ready.