How many genders are there

I have not been getting enough information about this topic. What about intersex people who are born differently than male or female? I’m confused and told there are two genders. What does the word ‘gender’ mean? Which gender can an intersex person choose? Aren’t there actually three genders, with intersex having a subcategory of a mixed genitals ratio?

Just yesterday I had someone tell me there must only be 2 genders because after you filter out all the ones that don’t fit, you can easily sort the remainder into 2 categories. :woozy_face:


I have a lot to say about this, as I’ve worked in healthcare for over 30 years . . . and questions about gender are relevant in the politics of Florida.

The politicians believe that they know more than the doctors and biologists who work with such people, so we have bans on gender-affirming care . . . and this means that we have higher rates of suicide among certain categories of LGBTQ young people because they don’t get this care.

The politicians say that there are only two genders, and that this is a black and white issue, which isn’t true.

As an example, consider Kleinfelter Syndrome. A man will usually have an X chromosome and an Y chromosome, which determines male gender. A kid with a Y chromosome and two X chromosomes will still have a penis and testicles, yet he may have many feminine traits. It is also possible for a person to have a Y chromosome and three X chromosomes, which causes even more feminine traits.

The 80s era supermodel (and smoking hot James Bond girl) Tula has a Y chromosome and three X chromosomes. Please see below:



Tula was also born with a penis and testicles, yet plainly meets all other criteria for being a woman.

The point in me bringing up Tula is that gender is obviously a grey area in her case, and if we acknowledge that Tula’s gender is a grey area, then why isn’t it possible that we may encounter other people whose gender may also be a grey area for other reasons?

Such people are often bullied, they are ostracized, and subjected to violence and bigotry simply because of the way that they were born. The politicians and religious leaders use social ignorance on this issue to play on peoples’ fears to get elected and/or to enlarge their congregations, which creates the widespread belief that such people are paedophiles who can’t be trusted around children. See below:

I’m extremely sympathetic toward the social struggles of trans people, as I was born with high-functioning autism, and I was often bullied, subjected to violence, and sexually assaulted (when I was much younger) because of who I am. My parents sent me away to a “special school” when I was a teen, and when my autism didn’t “get better,” it was because I “wasn’t trying hard enough” and/or “doing the work” to fix myself.

In short, I was no different than an alcoholic or drug addict who keeps relapsing after my parents spent all of this time and resources to help me . . . so I’m also selfish and ungrateful.

So, my struggles with my autism mirror the struggles that a lot of LGBTQ people go through, which is a part of why I’m very sympathetic and supportive of them.

It was even believed that screaming in a child’s face and slapping could cure autism. See below:

I had several teachers who screamed at me and slapped me in the face to treat me when I “refused” to act “normal” . . . and–in one instance–I waited until we we were going to another class, and I “accidentally” shoved a teacher down a flight of stairs in retaliation when his back was turned toward me. I didn’t get called out on this because everyone thought it was an accident.

LGBTQ people go through similar situations today when they are sent to conversion therapy, and are deprived of privacy, beaten, and occasionally subjected to electricity in an effort to cure them.



1.the male sex or the female sex, especially when considered with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones, or one of a range of other identities that do not correspond to established ideas of male and female.

Our notions about gender are undergoing something of a transition, no pun intended.

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This is quite true; trans individuals are often bullied. In my neighborhood lives a person who appears to be a man visually but is more feminine. People don’t understand and often stare and talk negatively about the way he walks.
It’s like getting bullied without being aware.

That’s why I have respect for intersex people. I am amazed to see that nobody cares about them, from going to the grocery store to getting a visa; it’s just a living hell for them. Though some countries maybe excluded but from where am I , things are not good man!

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What you want to say exactly?
It looks like a robotic, dictionary accurate - response.

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It was in response to your question? I also added a qualifier.

I guess it will be confusing for a while, and then settle down again. I don’t have a problem with people identifying as a gender that differs from their biological sex at birth, only with thought police and people who are pushing an agenda to play the victim when someone makes an innocent mistake, and of course the bigots who want their own views to be the only ones that matter, and will keep causing offence just to prove a point.

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I think this is the actual problem: those who run the world don’t understand it, and the world gets into more trouble.

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Yeah, I also blame social media for this, and they make LGBTQ look like low IQ people , like painting streets with rainbow colour for no reason or gay people dancing to a DJ beat as if they’re auditioning for God’s wrath.

Total manipulation.

Well it’s not necessarily trans people themselves who push an aggressive and intolerant agenda about policing use of gender pronouns, but if someone makes a mistake which can easily happen, I see no real harm or drama. It’s intolerance from extremists on either side of the debate that is the problem. Especially since we are trying to find our way through these new notions of what gender means in different circumstances.

The demands have to be realistic, and the opposition framed in an objective and reasonable fashion. It’s a doddle, we’ll smash this right out of the park no doubt…that was irony in case it missed its mark…

Do these people who have a Y chromosome and more than one X chromosome have a uterus, or just male genitalia?

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They do not have a uterus.

They do have male genitalia, but the penis, testicles, and scrotum are often very small and/or underdeveloped, and they have low or absent sperm, and low testosterone.

And these men often develop breasts.

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Here’s an interesting video by Forrest Valkai, a biologist, about sex and gender.


I think it’s genuinely a spectrum of a sort.

This is a first of a three part series, I think. It’s a good watch.


Interesting video thx for sharing this.