How Indians Handle Millions Of Tons Of Temple Offerings

I saw this shining gem floating around. It really disgusts me on how much crap people waste on their religion.

First, please help me understand how you’re defining waste.
Is it the use of resources without return on that usage?
If so, theists are not the sole proprietors of it. All sorts of folks waste all sorts of shit.
Calling out one group of folks for a behavior in which others engage is, IMO, bigoted.

They’re throwing expensive statues, that have gold and gems in them, in the river to honor their gods. That’s what I mean by waste.


I never said they were the only ones. I was just being on topic that what they were doing with these things was wasteful. If I spent a ton of money on a statue or on expensive jewelry, I certainly wouldn’t be throwing it in a river.

I was being on topic with the subject matter of the video. Am I not allowed to do that?
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You’re allowed to say anything you like (that doesn’t violate forum guidelines). I’m welcome to do the same.

I would seriously challenge the idea that they are throwing statues worth money into rivers. I smell a con from the ground up. I’ll bet a little more investigation is needed. First: with all the poor in the area, you can not imagine a statue worth anything is going to remain at the bottom of a river. Second: when have you known a religious institution to toss away money?

I think you missed the point of the video. People are making good use of temple waste. Frankly speaking, that seems more of a step in a positive direction. You may have also missed the fact that 40% of the flower crop goes unsold. If the temple was not getting it, a lot of farmers would be begging for coins. Nothing happens in isolation. If the farmers don’t sell their 60% the industries associated with gaming also suffer, trucks, pickers, chemicals, and more. Picking on religious waste as a main source of river pollution may be a bit narrow-minded, then again, it is India and they do toss dead bodies into the rivers as well. Hmmm… I wonder which causes more pollution, dead bodies or flowers?