How in the Hell Does This Happen

What in the hell is wrong with the USA. A Hindu and Islamic majority country has the common sense to call “Charity to Gain Religious Conversion” ‘DANGEROUS.’ How in the hell did they get light-years beyond us? How do they get it right, while we are left to wallow in the dust of ignorance. The world is moving forward, and we are being left behind.


Here is how we do it in the USA

Atheists Banned from Helping in a Soup Kitchen. (Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha )


I guess it hurts the ego of some theists to accept that atheists are moral and have empathy, and want to help others with charitable work. I can see how it undercuts a block of their duplicitous rhetoric about atheists and atheism mind. I mean it’s going to be hard to pretend religion motivates people to do good things they would not otherwise do, when atheists are alongside you in a soup kitchen.


I volunteer at a Sikh Langar, which is a community kitchen that feeds people facing food insecurity.

They don’t care about your religious beliefs, and they don’t try to convert you. The only rule that they have is that you leave conflicts outside so that everyone may eat in peace.

I enjoy doing volunteer work there, as I volunteered at a Baptist soup kitchen once, and they turned away a gay couple and their kids because of their values about homosexuality. I actually took them to McDonald’s, and I never volunteered at a Christian church again . . . although (if I’m to be fair) I’m sure that they don’t represent a majority of Christian organizations.

I asked some religious people at school about this, and they say that "Homosexuality is probably part of why they have food insecurity, as God does not like this kind of sin . . . so if we help them, then it’s like enabling a drug addict or an alcoholic, and when you enable an alcoholic, you make the disease progress and get worse.

“They were turned away for their own good.”

In fairness to my friends, they say they don’t believe this, but they get this view feed into them at church.


Why recognize the need for evidence for one’s claims when maintaining certain beliefs to be absolute feels so good, eh? :roll_eyes:


Oohh yes how could it be wrong when it feels so right? (mumbling to self…wasn’t that a song in the sixties?)

Edit I left it to you to be right


Yet they STILL go to church… Hmmmm… :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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:musical_note::notes: “…If loving you is wroooong, I don’t wanna be right…” :notes::musical_note:


Damned if my ex wife wasn’t singing that before she left. Though in hindsight she may have said leaving, not loving. Yes, that makes a lot more sense now I think about it. :rofl: