How does it work?

Close, but not quite. Here ya go…

“The Payback Song”
(Sing to the tune of “The Christmas Song” in the voice of Bing Crosby)

:notes::musical_note: Chet’s nuts roasting
On an open fiiiire
As she sips her wiiine of whiiite.
Little red spots
Of blood on her dressss
That she’ll have to clean tonight.

Ever since she
Caaaught him cheeeeating
With that little slut,
She’d been planning his demiiise.
She set the trap.
Then luuu-ured him innnn.
She giggles thinking of his cries.

So yest-er-daaaaay
When cops arriiived,
She begged and pleaded,
“Bring my dear Chet
Home aliiiive.”
And as the tears rolled dooown
Her distraught face,
She knows that
She did not leave them
Aaa traaaace…

And soooo she nibbles
On Chet’s toasted balls,
Annnticipating what she’ll dooo.
That little skank whore
Gagged and bound 'neath her flooooor…
She’ll make herrr cryyyyy…


It’s scary; the things that go on in the minds of the un-human.

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You mean like how I’ve been drawing and painting pictures of you for over a decade now?

I mean here is you as an astronaut.