Horus and Jesus

Is there any truth behind the claim that the character Jesus was copied from the character Horus from a much older religion?

It appears to be a very difficult subject to research.

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Not really, imo. That being said; I think Jesus was an amalgamation of many sources, so maybe a tiny amount?


There is much made of it…however the Greaco/Roman jesus figure found in the gospels owes a fragment to the Egyptian cults, a bit to the Babylonian, whole chunks to pre Isrealite Hebrew/Canaanite and even more to the relatively modern cults of Rome such as Mithra and Emperor worship.

“modern” christianity (i.e from the 3rd century onward) owes much to its politicization and less to to its origins of a Messianic Jew executed by Rome before returning, magically, to have the Jews revenge on an oppressor…


I’ll say it again at the risk of being chastised by our resident monkey man.

The myth of Horus is that he was born of a virgin on the 25th of December. Horus is the “sun” god.

The sun “dies” on the 22 - as represented by how it appears to stop moving on the horizon at this time.

Then it begins its normal journey through the sky on the 25th. This is the death and resurrection of the “son” of God.

The whole event lines up with the constellation Orion, in which the three congruent stars on the “belt” have been known since ancient times as the “three kings”.

They line up with the sun during the winter solstice period to the east (ie. the three Kings of the Orient).

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You’d have to say the same of all the Mediteranian gods of the time. Jesus just appears to be part of a trend of one-upmanship involving Mediteranian gods. Even the authors of the Gospels try to outdo each other with each new story.


The myth of Christianity is just that a myth, if one take the time and researches it Christianity is a mix match of religions of that time, Latin, Greek and Mesopotamia all translated to give a bunch of quacks something to believe in.

If you ill take your time and research it all the professed gods through out time have been born on 12/25, sure would like to know why, but it is a matter of recorded record.

is that recorded?

Remember, everything you say is on record.


YOUR QUOTE RELATIVE TO JESUS: “Is there any truth behind the claim that the character Jesus was copied from the character Horus from a much older religion?”

More so than not, Jesus as the one true God is associated with the religion of Mithraism, Christianity derived many of its essential elements from the ancient mythical religion of Mithraism that operated in Rome between the 1st and 4th centuries. Mithraism became intertwined with the cult of Jesus to form what is known today as “Christianity.”**

**Christianity is just a hybred of Mithranism of the Roman Empire, nothing more, nothing less. If the Christian states that Mithranism is not valid and is just another mythical cult, then remind them that MITHRAISM was created FIRST, and that Christianity was SECOND where they are following a copied version of the God Mithra when they call themselves Christians!

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Roman history is one of my favourite subjects, specifically the invasions of Britain, this was mainly spurred by Simon Scarrow’s eagle series, which had me hooked, a brilliant author.

There are many references to roman gods, Mithras is mentioned many times.

I feel ashamed at how little I know about this topic, and you’ve just gifted me a new angle and approach at this topic. (I always need inspiration to go down certain rabbit holes.)

Thank you ever so much, I know what I’m doing with the rest of my evening :smiley:

This book which I reviewed here - UK Atheist: “The Jesus Mysteries”, Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy - was pretty good and in general makes a lot of sense as to how Christinaity might have come about, at least to me. As I recall, several earlier “godmen” were mentioned and I think Horus was one of them.

UK Atheist

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Mithras should not be confused with Mithra, a Zoroastrian god worhiped in Persia/Iran centuries earlier.

During the Jewish exile from Persia they indeed took many ideas of the Persian Gods with them. Throughout the centuries there was a transition from Polytheims, to Henotheism and eventually Monotheism. Pretending any one religion had a major influence on the Christian religion is to completely ignore the religious landscape of the time. Gods were everywhere. Yahweh had it’s origins as the God of the Jews. No different that Athena being the God of the Greeks.


That was an enjoyable read, thank you.

It certainly goes a long way to strengthening my position, when this topic rises it’s head again, which it undoubtedly will.

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