Hindu gods need help from a court to protect them from Atheist Republic's cartoons!


Well, for one - Atheist Republic isn’t the President of a world superpower.

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Fuck the Hindus and their gods. If their gods were real they would demonstrate their power by removing the cartoons themselves. While they have a right to believe in it and worship it. We Atheists have as much right to make fun of it and point out how stupid and absurd their beliefs are.

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"Advocate Aditya Deshwal submitted, “Armin Navabi is the founder of this account and he is mocking the proceedings. They are circulating blasphemous content. They may be atheists but they cannot ridicule others.”

This is news to me.

Fascinating. But THEY are free to ridicule atheists, I imagine. Plus, he can feel free to go fuck himself, because nobody is forcing him or anybody else to browse this site. Next, since I happen to live in the U.S., I am free to ridicule whatever the fuck I choose here on this site. It’s not as if I’m going to one of their “holy sites” and posting “offensive” pics/memes. Wonder if anybody has bothered explaining that to the buffoon?

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"If you don’t want your beliefs ridiculed …

Then try not to believe ridiculous things. …"


Seems like this has been ongoing since 2020.Which appears to me that they can’t do jack shit about it. Maybe they should go pray to their imaginary gods to remove it. :laughing:

In September 2020, many Hindus were angered by Armin Navabi’s creation of t-shirts featuring a sexualized version of the Hindu deity Kali.[22] Vinod Bansal of the Universal Hindu Council filed a report against Armin Navabi with the Delhi Police and Mumbai Police for allowing blasphemous content to be featured on Twitter and also tagged Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in a complaint.[23]

The same religion that brings us this:

is offended by a sexy version of one of their goddesses? Seriously? Religion is soooooo confusing. That blasphemy is still a thing in a court of law is terrifying,


All the more reason for their religion to end. Their fairy tale beliefs are bullshit.

It took awhile - but…


YES! That is great news! :laughing:

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Someone should invite some of these clowns to a BBQ, and offer them a choice between a steak or a burger.

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How long is a stretch in Twitter jail, anyway?

Or does an appeal need a written case made?

No clue. Most likely AR will be on this and release info … I’ll do my best to keep utd.

As for twitter I’ve just joined 3 weeks ago - and I guess my retweets of AR is “gone” too.

We’ve been erased …unless I’m missing something.

Edited to add: Nov 2021 the haters used this

But again… (more details)

Article from Mar 28/22


Ahhhh … it appears that the lawyers in defence (for Atheist Republic) get an opportunity to be “heard” (counter arguments) in September 2022. Until then… :roll_eyes: (note: if I’m understanding this correctly)

The matter would be heard next on September 6.

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Screw Twitter. They obviously don’t respect Freedon of or From Religion

They respect a court order.

The Delhi court doesn’t respect freedom. Nor the opportunity for counter-arguments in a timely manner.

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Elon Musk just bought a controlling interest in Twitter.

From … www.bloomberg.com

Musk, 50, polled his more than 80 million followers on Twitter last month, asking them whether the company adheres to the principles of free speech. After more than 70% said no, he asked whether a new platform was needed and said he was giving serious thought to starting his own.