Hello, everyone. Restaurant getting sued for hiring a fake priest

Every time I think it can’t get worse . . . it gets worse.

This restaurant hired a fake priest to take Confession during business hours to find out if employees were stealing and/or falsifying work hours.

See below:

People wonder why I fucking hate organized religion. As for myself, I probably would have told the “priest” to kiss my ass.

Please . . . what are your thoughts?


$140,000? That’s way too low for such an egregious act.

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I agree 100%.

Even if I have issues and problems with religion, I still support the freedom to be religious.

The slimeball who engineered this deserves to be in prison for fraud.


Ohhhhhh, how I would have LOVED going to that confessional! :joy::joy::joy:


I’m glad you can laugh at it . . . as finding humor in horrible things is a healthy way to cope.

Yet I find that I can’t laugh.

This really, really bothers me on a very deep level.

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I wonder what that “priest” would have done had someone confessed to, say, a murder?

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Perhaps they did. :sunglasses:


Oh, I totally understand that, believe me. From my personal perspective, however, this situation has more to do with slimy business practices more than religion. To me, those idiots who chose to use that “priest” for confessions are just as liable for what happened. In other words, I have very little “sympathy” for them. Yes, I totally agree it was a complete shit thing for the business to do what it did. No doubt. But there is no way the business could have done that had the employees not already been willing to do such a silly thing.

In all fairness, though, I suppose I should have clarified one thing when I said I would have loved going to that confessional. What I meant was that I would have LOVED going into the booth (or whatever-the-hell it’s called) and giving MY “confession” to the “priest”. Would have done my best to make sure he needed therapy for the next several years. :joy::joy::joy:


Why tell a priest about anything related to an alleged crime??


Monty Python did a sketch about a (sort of) crime fighting Bishop that was just as preposterous…


Ok this one leaped out at me. A few years back in the UK, cold callers were randomly calling people. The call went like this:

Them: Hello is that Mr so and so?

Me: Who’s calling sorry? (fuck them, they’ve called me :wink:)

Them: This is so and so phoning on behalf of X, is this Mr so and so?

Me: Sorry, what is this regarding? (again fuck em, they phoned me)

Them: Well mr so and so (cheeky presumptuous cunt) our records show that you were recently involved in a traffic collision, and we wondered if you had legal representation?

Now from this point I choose to go one of two ways:

  1. Oh yeah I was, but I didn’t stop as that family looked ok, and to be perfectly honest I’d had a couple of beers and done a few lines of cocaine, you know how it is. HELLO! HELLO! call ended… :rofl: :innocent:

  2. Me: Oh really, and where did you get those records?

Them: Er, well we got them online.

Me: Oh right, where online?

Them: So were you involved in a traffic accident Mr so and so?

Me: Well what do your records say?

Them: Er, they say you were.

Me: I see, and where did you get these records from online?

Them: That’s not really important, but I wondered if you currently have legal representation?

Me: Oh I think it is very important, as you seem to have lied in order to solicit business for a legal firm. HELLO! HELLO! call ended… :rofl: :innocent:

You see this was the perfect opportunity for those employees to falsely confess to all manner of shit, and fuck with their mendacious employers, who wouldn’t have a legal leg to stand on. :wink: Sometimes life is just good… :sunglasses:


I don’t get it? The restaurant owners were smart enough to use the superstitions of the employees to extract confessions. How is this grounds for the employees to sue the employers? Consider the following. It has long been known that lie detectors are useless. Their results are not admissible in a court. Yet businesses continue to bring in these magical men with their magic machines to extract confessions from employees. They hire and fire based on the results of these (Throat Clearing Sounds) interviews. Generally, confessions occur during the interview process and have little to do with the lie detector. The whole thing is a sham, smoke and mirrors. Perhaps, the difference is that people know the guy performing the lie detecting is going to be sharing with the boss. While the supposed priest was told things in confidence. But then, why is that a problem? Cops, attorneys, and indeed, the entire legal system are allowed to lie in order to secure a confession. Cupp, 394 U.S. 731 (1969) , was a United States Supreme Court case that affirmed the legality of deceptive interrogation tactics by the police. (These guys are not telling the truth during their interrogations.)

I’m not really sure if I agree with the verdict. The restaurant owners caught some thieves and they did so very creatively. Given the information currently available, I’m tending to side with the restaurant owners on this one.


But dumb enough to coerce the evidence in a way that is unlikely to hold up to legal scrutiny I would guess. Why not hire a large revival tent, invite them all there outside of work on the pretext of their spiritual well being, then get a preacher to publicly guilt them into confessing, and get someone unrelated to the business to post the confessions on social media, ta-da, plausible deniability.

Eye am a bad bad man…


What a piece of shit, if I was offered a chance to confess my sins, I’d tell the “priest” and the restaurant owner to go and pound sand up their asses.
That is really pathetic.

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I’m with @Cognostic. I think it’s brilliant they used their religious beliefs against them. I don’t feel sorry for the poor religious hypocrites at all. Not one bit. I would have done it too. They got exactly what they deserved.


Yeah, it’s pretty f-ed up. They purposely hired illegal migrants because they didn’t think they’d dare complain about anything. I’m glad they were wrong. There was a lot more going on than just their superstitious beliefs being exploited.

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This story shows that my stance against creationism is justified, as this restaurant owner is living proof that human beings evolved from slime.


LOL… He is getting robbed and he is the slimy one? Hmmmm? I’ll have to think about it.

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I suspect that the lion’s share, if not all of the 140k + 5k was for the following, not the priest part:

(From the article cited)
“ Investigators also found that the restaurant denied employees overtime pay, managers were paid bonuses from the employee tip pool and some employees faced “adverse immigration consequences” for cooperating with investigators.
“This employer’s despicable attempts to retaliate against employees were intended to silence workers, obstruct an investigation and prevent the recovery of unpaid wages,” Pilotin said.”

That is indeed a slimy employer.