Have A Happy Easter? I Do Not Celebrate It

Or I wouldn’t celebrate it if I wasn’t around Christians who do celebrate it so even made a ham today. I do not believe in it though, so what you guys end up doing today?

Drinking beer and out of pot. LOL.

It’s Monday here. Sunday I went to a mate’s place for lunch as I usually do on Sundays. We had toasties ,and cookies with coffee. No grog.

Aussies are pretty secular, so relatively few observe Easter as a religious occasion. Family barbeques are popular.

I was taught that Easter is the most important time on the christian calendar. This because jesus literally defeated death, for us

Here Xmas is a much bigger deal for most christians and is celebrated with orgies of buying useless shit , stuffing one’s gut and having a little too much to drink. Well, that pretty much describes how my Irish Catholic family celebrated Xmas when I was a gossoon.

Melbourne has the largest Greek population of any place outside of Greece. They tend to be Greek Orthodox, and treat Easter more with the reverence christians claim it merits. A much bigger deal for them than Xmas. There are all kinds of Greek Easter traditions if you want to look them up.

PS It is tradition with a goodly number of South Aussies to spend easter at the Oakbank Racing Carnival. It has been closed due to Covid19, but is back this year


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I made a ham.

And took a nap a little while as I got up too early.

Cuddled my one Fievel plushie and slept a few hours.

Fievel of course being the closest thing I have to a god. LOL. :smiley:

It’s Easter Monday (a public holiday) here in New Zealand. My two granddaughters are solemnly observing the sacred chocolate rites of Easter. The house is full of egg-shaped chocolate treats adding up to about a billion calories. I think it’s in honor of the life-restoring chocolate egg fed to the dead Jesus by the magic white rabbit.

They don’t do Easter in Japan, so chocolate manufacturers have taken over St Valentine’s day instead. Decades ago they convinced everyone that the correct ritual in the ancient Christian calendar required women to give chocolates to all the men in their lives. When women give chocolates to men they don’t really like, such as a boss at work, they call it “duty chocolate”.

I think it’s great to preserve all these authentic old customs.

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Oh absolutely.

More time needs to be devoted to reality and less to myth:

The reality:


It’s really tragic how COVID-19 is preventing people from engaging in vital religious rituals.


Such people should be nailed to their cross using one large nail only–right between the eyes.

Yes flagellants and other masochistic morons still exist. Unfortunately, few seem to earn a well deserved Darwin award.

The church of course condemns such practices, yet does not threaten such people with excommunication.

Rabbit Stew… Mmmmmmmm!

If you need an excuse to celebrate something around easter-ish, then celebrate a belated equinox (which was on 20th of March). Equinox celebrations go back long before this newfangled christian easter stuff was invented. And diametrically opposed to easter, equinox marks a turning point in a natural process that has real impact on the lives of those of us who live far enough from the equator.

As for me, the days off during easter allows for house cleaning that we wouldn’t have the time or energy to do otherwise. And we have some extra time to do cooking and to enjoy food. And to enjoy being outdoors in (potentially) nice spring weather.

Begin rant - But as for the religious connotations, I have over the years gone from “yeah, easter, there’s some significance here” via “meh, I couldn’t care less” to “not this stupid shit again”. - end rant.

I have posted this image before, in another thread, but it’s relevant here as well:


It is only Easter officially, when we dress up @Cognostic as the Easter Bunny. LMAO! :rofl: :sweat_smile: :rofl:

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Please no @BigNeerav I am a furry it might get me excited. LOL.

Sorry @Cognostic if that was already TMI.


Is it weird to want to see the pope crucified on an inverted cross? Or is it just me?

Atheist Experience holds a big shindig over the Easter holiday doesn’t it? Some sort of atheist convention? I think that would be a fun way to spend Easter.

The Celebration of Esther sounds a whole lot like Christmas, what with the giving of gifts, dressing up in a costume and all. I think, if we were to have a purely secular holiday, Easter would be a great time to have it. But then, we already have a purely secular holiday don’t we? The Christians call it “Christmas.”

Easter is only believed in by my wife at this point. I can’t stand ham, so I usually roast a leg of lamb on the spit, but I didn’t look early enough and the boneless ones were all taken. I had to grille t-bone steaks instead. Oh, the horror! :open_mouth: One son and I were putting in some new sprinkler pipes, and we needed to put in a cross-fitting to supply water in two different directions. My son told me to install it with the “+” portion down, so that it looked like an inverted cross. Now it flows unholy water. :grin:


From “The Vicar Of Dibley”


You have taught your son well.

Ham? At Easter? I suppose your wife is a protestant ? (I’m imagining the snippy way one of my aunts would have said that.)

There’s no bigot like an Irish Catholic bigot. (they could give American bible belters lessons)

We always had lamb. The real reason was that lamb was the cheap meat in those days, we had it several times a week, all year… Chicken was expensive, reserved for Xmas and birthdays.

:smiley: No, she’s still a Catholic. Ham is the high-falutin’ food. I never ate lamb as a kid because my mother couldn’t stand the smell. (?) I personally came to detest the taste of most pork products after switching to a diet low in saturated fat. I can eat bacon and sometimes spare ribs are appealing, but other than that I eat no pig meat.