Hate chalk in Christchurch, New Zealand


Someone chalked “Islam is right about women” on the footpath outside a mosque in Christchurch. The police and a mosque spokesman (of course it’s a man) have characterized this message as “hate speech”.

So who is being hated?

What makes you think it is a man? How did you rule out a drunk woman hoping to be dominated?


Have we ruled out a sober male or female Muslim supporting one interpretation of the Quran?
I see vagueness rather than hatred.
A right-wing nutter with an assumed interpretation of the Quran?

A 14 year old stirring up trouble?

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Awww White, thats a bit ageist, isnt it? 14 year olds are so misunderstood.

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So if a drunk christian in the US writes “god is right about women” in front of his church on a drunken Saturday night, is that hate?

Yes, the New Zealand case is despicable, but it appears the authorities and press are over-reacting.


All religious beliefs are “faith based” NOT “evidence or reason based”.

So, this guy agrees with Koranic teaching regarding women? Whole nations have created “laws” based on this book (and claimed god wisdom)…

Now - is the Mosque :mosque: (well, I guess legally it can’t, the sidewalk is private property) - how about Christchurch … “vandalism” , defacing public property?

It’s chalk.
Is the town now going to monitor and censor children with sidewalk chalk to ensure their message isn’t “hateful”??? hahahahaha

What is “hateful” is the actions of certain people with beliefs that actually suppress a group or create them as “lesser” agents/beings.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! If a drunk Christian wrote the same message on a wall in front of his/her church, the next morning… only passing atheists would get the joke!

But but but david… chalk can stain the soul forever… The Mosque is supposed to be a safe zone.

I don’t know about the chalker. The mosque spokesperson was a man, even though the message was about women in their religion. The spokesman also wanted “programmes taught in schools to educate young people about diversity and tolerance,” because Islam is all about diversity and tolerance, right.

In this case I think only passing woke people get the joke, and they hate it.

If you’re woke, you can’t criticize Islam because you’re under the illusion that Islam is a race. But you’re also required to be a feminist. So what do you with graffiti that endorses Islam and misogyny?


“People” often describe Islam as misogynistic, and it can be, especially in ultra conservative Muslim countries. Consequently, I interpret the message as meant to offend women and Muslims… It’s not quite a stupid as it seems but almost…

Although I do take many anti-social activities seriously, sometimes …

All I’ve got to say about that is:

(1) Generally speaking , people are unable to accurately identify their feelings at any given moment.

(2) TV shows such as Oprah, reality TV and the historic pop music industry are unable to discern between sentiment and emotion, imo.

(1) Was part of my training as a Lifeline Counsellor.

(2) Is based on my own observations so probably have a greater chance of being wrong

What I don’t get… How is it hate speech when the Chalker was merely agreeing with the teachings of the Quaran? The Muslims could not possibly be upset. Perhaps it was a passing Karen that took offense?

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Not all Muslims interpret the Quran the same way.(just as with Christianity and the bible, Old and New Testaments) The treatment of women in say Saudi Arabia is extremely different from say Malaysia.

Regardless of the reality ,a great many Muslims will take offence when accused of mistreating women. Just as do many (most?) christians when confronted with what I see as the reality. IE That at base, Christianity is a patriarchal and misogynist death cult. As is Islam.

Oh, one more. The quran says only that women and men should dress modesty. The Burqa and Niqab are semitic tribal customs going back millennia before Islam. I think initially lifted from the Persians, but I’m not sure.

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Awwww… Just some harlot’s over reaction. Confining a woman in a potato sack is not abusive. Not as long as you give her vitamin D supplements once a month. THERE IS A SUDDEN SWISHING SOUND THAT FILLS THE AIR. A LOUD THUNK! AND THERE, IMBEDED IN THE STUCKO WALL IS A ROLLING PIN! "Awwwww FUCK! I thought she was sleeping… Ummmm… I hear a banana calling my name. I gotta go,

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The Germans had a very popular saying during WW2 which was taken literally for women “Kinder, Kirche ,Kuche.” Literally " Children, Church, Kitchen "

In earlier times in places such as the US it was “keep her barefoot and pregnant”. Also taken fairly seriously.

Was a time people married at puberty… The woman would be pregnant for most of 20 yrs. Then she would die. Perhaps 1 in 3 of her children would survive to puberty.


Trivia :Under Heinrich Himmler and his notions or racial purity and eugenics, the Third Reich had some fascinating ideas about breeding . My fav was the encouragement of all male members of the SS to father as many children as possible, with as many women as possible.

I’ve often wondered how thing would have gone if Nazi had access to DNA profiles . I reckon a lot of blokes would have gotten a shock to discover they had not fathered their children.