Has Bible Readers Called COVID19 a Plague

Like trying to say it’s in the Revelation Yet?

Just curious if Christians have brought that up?

What’s happening now in life, outside of fiction.
We keep doing bad things to mother earth, she’s going to kick our asses more if things proceed as they are. But has nothing to do with a deity.

Oh and these predictions have been happening 100s of times over the years already. None have actually happened. Like Y2K. LOL. Then 2012. Christianity is fiction.


Pseudo-christians may not have called COVID-19 a plague, but they certainly have the biblical right to say that their serial killer Jesus is causing this virus to kill His creation!

Jesus, as Yahweh God incarnate, and not chance, decides what happens in human affairs, including the devastating COVID-19 virus: “The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the LORD.” (Proverbs 16:33)

Oh, don’t forget, subsequent to Jesus killing His creation with the virus He created, He is to be ever loving and forgiving, NOT!


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It is in a way surprising no one has made up something like, “This is a sign that the Revelation has begun”. I believe in none of that.

It is cool that you can quote the bible.

Jesus doesn’t help us one bit, and if this shit was real I would want to ask god what the reason was to flood the earth.

Hi, firstly please can you edit the title to read Have…not has, only it’s hurting my eyes.

Now, have you tried googling Covid 19 religious plague? I have just highlighted that text and hit search Google, here are the results for you…


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Not to worry, I have had trouble editing titles myself in the past, but not tried it on the new site.

Did you have a chance to read any of the links? It’s a good starting starting point to offer a broad search for questions.

Personally, since pandemics and viruses are explained by entirely natural phenomena I don’t care if religions and the religious claim they have a supernatural cause, unless of course they can demonstrate some objective evidence for the claim.

Demonstrating actual evidence is something they can never do as there’s no actual evidence to prove their deity.

Realizing this myself has lead to dropping Jesus Christ and God myself and going atheist instead. If some actual evidence should surface it probably wouldn’t be in Christianity anyway.

I imagine if any evidence should surface for a god to exist, they would prove it has no direct gender. And that the only thing that deity actually did was cause the Big Bang, and did nothing else.
Not that I would take up religion anyways even then.

What I believe is death is like (Morgan Freeman) says, it’s nothing. You cease to exist. If we’re wrong we’ve still lost nothing.

Well that’s a bold claim, and given your reason for disbelief is the lack of evidence for a deity, can you evidence that assertion?

Again some evidence for this claim please?

Wow, evidence please.

Well now I’m not sure we need to be surmising anything about death. Have we any evidence that consciousness can exist without a functioning physical brain? If not then I will disbelieve that claim, not because this means I know it is false, but because there is no other criteria for disbelief that I am aware of.

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I can not produce anymore evidence than you can.

I just doubt any deity would have a gender.

Again I can supply no evidence… they are no more then assumptions.

I doubt any consciousness can exist without a brain.


FievelJ “I can not produce anymore evidence than you can.”

Why on earth would I need to evidence your claim? I made no claim.

I just doubt any deity would have a gender

Without any evidence they’re even possible? And you see no irony in making such a claim, in a post where you rightly demand theists evidence their claims?

Again I can supply no evidence… they are no more then assumptions.

Then again can you not see the irony of making unevidenced assumptions, in a post demanding others evidence their beliefs?

As do I, but your original claim was stated as a belief, not doubting a belief:

FievelJ “What I believe is death is like (Morgan Freeman) says, it’s nothing. You cease to exist. If we’re wrong we’ve still lost nothing.”

You do grasp the difference between disbelieving a claim, and your statement to “believe it is wrong”? This is not a subtle difference, it has epistemological implications.

So far, science hasn’t been able to demonstrate consciousness outside of a brain. Experiences of all sorts (NDE, OBE, etc) are all recalled using a brain/memory.

They are interesting experiences and give insight on what we may or may not experience (like dreaming, some remember, some don’t and there are common images)…but the “dream realm” also hasn’t been demonstrated to be a place in “reality”.

To say I believe one way or the other, regarding life after death - I’d be inclined to say that I live my life as though there is no consciousness after death, because I DON’T KNOW - and my focus for “life, fulfillment, happiness, peace, appreciation, love” is in the “here and now” - not projected into a futuristic afterlife.
This, for me, brings “peace” to the reality that I will die and those I love will die, because I don’t put off for “tomorrow” the way I want to interact with my loved ones…nor do I deprive myself of “me” for false promises.

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Like an extremely advanced computer when it dies that’s the end of it. If a soul should exist we’ll find that out when we die. If it doesn’t, which no evidence has surfaced yet, then we simply cease to exist.

In other words I agree.

Enjoy whatever life does have for you, but I do imagine that there’s really nothing after death. So enjoying life is key for me.